Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look out Pele, here comes "The Kat"

So I am going to be upfront with this information. I am COMPETITIVE! I can't help it, especially when it comes to sports. No one is harder on me than myself. The push to perform consistently and well. I played sports, intramural and in community leagues. Softball was my main thing but I dabbled in volleyball, broomball, and everything else in between. Well except golf. Golf is a whole other post.

So what I am trying to say is that with the excessive competitiveness comes the ugly triple headed sports mom. Now, I have seen them, watched them and told myself "pfheww, I will NOT be like that with my kids", however that little monster peeked her ugly head out of the shell last night. I scared myself.

That realization that I had just made a complete ASS of myself in front of others (it is bad when you do that in front of the people you love, but a whole different matter when it is people you don't know) I felt the hot eyes. And I fully deserved every bit of disdain I received. I own the ridicule.

I was a hard on the Kat. I forgot that this is her first year playing, I forgot she is not physically conditioned yet to keep running, I forgot she does not know about protocol and procedures.

Luckily this league is forgiving to these young athletes and are more understanding of a young six year old and her propensity to over dramatized her fatigue for the masses. Not all of it was pure exhaustion. Learn from my mistake and turn the lesson into how can I help her and keep the triple headed sports mom in the van.

Here are some shots of the last two games. In the end, they had fun and so did I. The Kat is a great defender, she has had two halves of playing the goalie and kick some rumpus. These kids make this game sooo much more exciting than any sporting event with adults. Pure joy of being a kid let loose and kicking a ball. Autopilot all the way, and they always travel in a pack, aka "bunch ball".

I need to work on my action photography.

Excellent job, my dear. I am soooo very proud of you and all the hard work.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Morning Whimsical Musing

Picture a mother and her children commuting to work and preschool. The day is fresh and cool, children are chatting away in the back of the van. Mother entertaining the little folk with games of "What letter starts the word ......."


The girl: Mommy, Mommy, what letter starts the word trees.

Me: The letter t, tuh

The boy: Mommy, what letter starts the word.....uhhhh......pointer?

Me: What?

The boy: Pointer!

Me: Pointer?

The boy: Yes, yes, the word pointer.

Me: The letter p, puh

The boy: (small pause before speaking) Mommy, what letter starts the word tall man?

Me: (confusion) Tall man?

Then I look into the review mirror to see this vision of lovlieness. My son, my only son, the sweet little guy, from whom I get many "I love you Mommy" giving me the tall man.

Friday, August 21, 2009

TMI Moment, I know....

Ok, I am sharing this only because, well, you guys are my friends and friends don't judge.

So, I am feeling sort of sassy today, nice shirt and pants, hair is looking pretty good, and I sit down at my desk surveying the work to be done. I happen to run my hand over my neck/collarbone area and feel something poking from my skin. What the hell is that? Did I have a piece of food, a booger, stuck to my skin? So I promptly grabbed hold of the object and pulled. I grabbed my hand mirror to inspect what the hell is going on. Geezus Louezzus, it is a frickin grey chest hair.

How long has that bad boy been hanging out there? What did my body suddenly decided the estrogen wasn't enough? Ok, Ok, I get the hair on the upper lip thing, I get the occasionally hair under the chin, but the chest? Come on man, it is not like I don't have enough issues to deal with while I am getting OLD!

So, there it is. My TMI moment for the whole world to read. I, Whimsy, had a grey chest hair. Just sayin'.

Whatcha got growing on you?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blink and there it was.......

One of the most recent hanging out with the kids and taking pictures weekend came with it a bribe. The condition put to me by my eldest was that she would only let me take her picture if and only if I pinkie promised to try to get her picture in a magazine. Without thinking or blinking I sealed the deal with a curved pinkie finger. DONE.

OH NO, WHAT IN THE HOLY MOTHER HAVE I PROMISED? The wheels turned and turned, search and searched all over the Internet. Who would be charitable enough to indulge a foolish mother pinkie promise to have her kid's picture printed in a magazine?

Well thankfully, not only is there a magazine, which is local, and my friend had her picture on the COVER, I went to the website and sent in a picture of all three of my monkeys. I waited. Waited some more and finally just gave up.

Lesson learned, don't make promises with kids you can't keep. Then just when I was digging my hole a little deeper for another reason, I get an email. My friend says (and I am paraphrasing) "OMG go look at this link!" For her a great moment because she was awarded the cover and for me, another great moment, go look on page 29!

I am truly happy and honored to have my photographs in print in a local magazine of my three monkeys. I know they have limited spots and a bagazillion entry photographs. So I got to keep my pinkie promise and "Look Mom, I am Famous"

So please enjoy, I am off to my next adventure. First Grade Back to School Night! Pictures will follow this event, stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finished! After 6 years and 4 months, give or take a few days

Hallelujah, the sea has parted and I can see the promised land! After 6 years, 4 months I am finally, FINALLY, finished potty training.

I have three autonomous potty kids who stay dry all night long. Everybody breathe with me now, whewwwwwwwww!

I don't want to see another diaper, pull up, a little plastic bag full of fun from school, or a damp sheet. No more wiping butts, wait, what is that feeling I am having? What is that pang in my chest? OH DAMN IT! ::sniffling:: MY BABIES ARE GROWING UP! ::sniff, sniff::

I know what you are saying, Woman you can't have it both ways, I get it. I really do, so where one door closes another window opens up.

Now I have to make good on the Disneyland promise.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Where hath she gone?

I woke up at the crack of dawn, lumbering into the shower, all the while puzzled with sleepiness and pure exhaustion, ignoring the pending activities for the day. There are some markers in life that alone do not seem to be a big deal, today's proved to be a big one for me.

My baby girl has started first grade. She bounded out of her bed, chanting "first grade, first grade, yeah, yeah, yeah", completely wound up and ready for action. She completely pissed me off with her aloof behavior this morning but even through my frustration, something was gnawing at me. Dressed, teeth and hair brushed, breakfast eaten, and by 6:30 as I was walking out the door with my little ones, I looked over my shoulder to get the last glimpses of my baby.

I know I am being overly misty about the whole situation, but I have invested 6 years and nine months into this relationship, nurturing her little body and mind, expecting to always see the big cheeked darling smiling back at me. But instead there is a whole other person standing in front of me. Staring back with her big, brown doe eyes, questioning everything, already putting the wedge between me and my baby. UGGGGGHHHH!

The truth is she is not always smiling at me, in fact more often than not, she is thoroughly pissed with me. And well, I do deserve the snarky looks sometimes, not ALL the time, but some of the time. I go back to the core of it all. The core being, she is always loved, she is always cared for, she is offered a listening ear, she is disciplined when warranted and through all of the toil, in the end, she will be a better person and hopefully someday say thank you and really mean what she says.

I can't wait to hear about her day and find out how "cool" everything is, what friends are in her classroom, and all the homework I will need to find a tutor for myself in order to help her.

Does this anxiousness ever go away?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Morning Whimsical Musing

So the morning routine is for the most part the same. The alarm goes off before daylight even considers to make an appearance, the kids are dragging their bottoms up and down the hallway getting dressed in between whines, and I am thinking getting up this early STINKS.

While we (the little kids and myself) are commuting to work and school I look in the review mirror and see grumbly faces. Because the little kids are little and have no concept of the passage of time, days, weeks, hours, I help them remember their birthday by telling them when the pumpkins start to appear their birthday is coming. Well they remember the pumpkin part and coincidentally we happen to pass a field which is growing pumpkins.

So I start making funny voices and goofing around by asking them whose birthday is coming and the pumpkins are coming and look there is a pumpkin patch. So the frowns start turning into smiles which makes the ride a bit happier and the Big Easy starts in what he would like for a birthday present.

I say ok buddy tell mommy what you would like.

Big Easy says "I would like a hippopotamus and flies that work."

Me: What? You want what?

Big Easy: Yeah, I want a hippopotamus and flies that work. The hippopotamus will eat the flies and I want them to work. Maybe we can get a bag to put in his stomach to catch them.

Me: Very puzzled and still trying to drive.

Big Easy: And I would like to have a soccer ball to play with after the hippopotamus is done.

Me: Ok

Bitsy: Mom?

Me: Yes

Bitsy: I would like to have Sleeping Beauty slapstick.

Me: Slapstick?

Bitsy: Yeah, I want slapstick, you know for my lips.

Me: Anything else?

Bitsy: No, just slapstick.

Me: Ok

As you can see, I have got some shopping to do.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The wailings of a 1st grader's mother

It's coming, the month of August is approaching quickly. Some of you would ask, what is so special about August. August is a nice month, still quite warm, still plenty of days for swimming, doesn't get dark until after eight at night. Sure, that is all swell, but that is not the reason I am grousing about August.

August, Latin origin, the eighth month on the Gregorian calendar originally named for the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar in 8 BC. August was originally known as sextilus on the Roman calendar. But I digress, with the approach of the month of August this means there will be only 17 days before she wakes up, gets ready for school, AND STARTS THE FIRST GRADE! HOLY COW FOLKS THIS IS BIG!

Has time sped up? Have I dropped into a worm hole? What the hell, my kid will in the first grade and I have turned 40. These things, my age and she starting first grade, are to the best of my feeble mind not compatible.

I look at her and she is different. I think I must reconcile with myself there are many, many more events to which I will look at my dear, darling daughter and not recognize her. I am still looking for the pudgy cheeked baby and before me is a strong, agile little girl. I am not sure my heart can take it. I am as nervous as a cat on a block of ice in the middle of a pond. New teacher, new kids, more opportunity for her to become independent of me. I want to keep her snuggled under my arm, kissing her forehead.

So I am taking suggestions. How do I keep her little. Is that an option? This is legal right?

Help me,

Disenchanted, discombobulated parent in the burbs

P.S. Please send all sympathy cash, gift cards to me. Do not, I repeat do not put The Husband's name on any of the envelopes. Really, just send it to the P.O. Box I have provided, he doesn't have the number or any idea the mailbox exists.

P.S.S. Just in case for those who may have put The Husband's name on the envelope, or if The Husband happens to read this entry, please don't make multiple mention of the incoming envelope. He has a short attention span and really if a squirrel would run by the window he will be distracted and days will pass before he senses there may have been something he missed.

P.S.S.S. To the husband, you really didn't read anything. OH LOOOK!!! A SQUIRREL!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello Mommy Dearest!

This is Bitsy. This is Bitsy using her toy cell phone, making important phone calls, about her latest novel which is perched in her lap. Although she has a room, she has chosen to place her office in the laundry basket I keep the clean socks in. Yes, I am that lazy to keep the kids' socks in the laundry basket rather than putting them in the drawers.

This is Bitsy catching me taking her picture while she is in the middle of her pitch meeting for the latest mommy dearest novel. I am hoping it is fiction. The look she is giving is telling me she does not consider the book to be fiction. I think she is giving me the stink eye. Oh boy, don't look her straight in the eyes, that would be dangerous.

This is Bitsy giving me the business. Bitsy is informing me that I have interrupted her meeting and can't I just stay out of the way. This is Bitsy letting me know that her laundry basket is not open for visitation and that I need to give her some privacy. Why did I not know that?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Go Speed Racer, GO!

We have cool neighbors. They are young, hip and very sweet, especially to my weasels. So our neighbor is outside and the kids frantically climb out of the van when we get home and start yelling his name. He graciously comes out of the garage to welcome my little whirlwinds into his life for a few moments. Of course their garage is filled with cool stuff like a ATV! Oh geez, I am fear for my medical bills.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh those lovely little faces........

I recently took the kids on an excursion with their gma to a local park. Somehow I convinced them to let me take some pictures. The eldest darling made me pinkie promise to send her photo to a local magazine in hopes it will be chosen to grace its pages. I am honour bound by the pinkie promise. This is just a sneak peek of the day. I am just in love with these shots of my monkeys.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monkey Spotlight: My Emma Kat

This is my eldest monkey Emma the Kat, Big Curls, Sweet Pea, Rosebud, Cakes. Oh vey, look at this face! I could not love this little girl any more than I do.

The Basics
She is the eldest monkey of three. She came into this world with a wholelotta hair, dark brown eyes, and the sweetest smile. My main monkey girl weighed in at 8 pounds and some change, 20 inches long. This baby girl would whirl in utero to her own drum beat and even now she has her own Salsa dance to perform each day.

The Special
She is fierce, strong willed, head strong, passionate, SMART, joyful, loving, cuddly, silly, and that is all in the first five minutes after she wakes up in the morning. You know how there are some people you are just drawn toward? Em is one of those people, she is just dynamic. There is always a good time to be had with this monkey.

The hair, oh how I love the hair! Geez, this kid has the best hair! Thick, soft, long and ringlets at the bottom. She came in this world with a full head, and never lost a piece. I find myself snuggling with her and braiding her hair when she is very still.

She is a hoarder. Now, this could be a problem later but the damn gene is strong in this family! Although she has a million stuffed animals, crayons, pens, books, dollhouses, whatever it is, she has all her stuff organized with precision. One night Emma went to bed and I walked in a few hours later to check on her. I opened the door, looked at the bed, no Emma. I thought, this can't be, I sent her in the room, I could have sworn she climbed in the bed. All I saw was a pile of stuffed animals. I moved closer, what I saw was completely amazing. She had built a fortress of animals, and she was curled up in the middle. I will share the picture another time.

She is an artist. She paints, draws, dances, acts, and loves to tell stories. One of her favorite things to do is make her brother and sister laugh. She plays kitty cat, puppy, queen, fairy princess, Jedi Knight, anything, she loves it. I see musicals in my future.
Her smile and dimples are beyond all cuteness for me. I fall in love with her all over again. Those round apple cheeks are so kissable that she has to put me on time out. I could just hold her and kiss her face all day long. Just love this little lady beyond crazy.

She is thoughtful, Emma demonstrates great compassion. There was a few days when I was not feeling well and in bed. Emma would bring me tea, sit with me and ask me how I was doing. She would hold my hand and tell me I would feel better soon. Just so caring, as Emma would say "it made my heart grow". So for her kindness I let her paint my face. It is a good thing I did not have to work the next day, I looked like a raccoon.

What can I say, for six years I have been the luckiest mom to have healthy, loving kids. These kids make those awful days I've had not feel as bad. So to my Monkeys, I love you more than luggage. ::smile:: Thank you for all the thrilling hours of loving you, making me smile, and all the belly laughs.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Monkey Spotlight: My Ethan Taterbug

This is my monkey Ethan Taterbug, Hootie, Dr. Destructo, the Tank, Ethanator. I wanted to share some some things about my baby monkey.

The Basics
He is a twin, born last in line by only a minute. This little "Big" guy came into this world a whopping 6 pounds, and some change. He was incorrectly measured at 19 inches but I believe he was only about 1/2 inch shorter than his "older" sister. He is a "man" amidst a harem of women. If and when the boy gets to speak, his sisters do most of the talking, it is usually very important boy business. He was sooo very blond when he was born it took almost two years before we saw eyebrows.

The Special
His personality is very sweet and gentle. He is my lovie, every day I get the biggest of hugs and an unsolicited "I love you mommy". He melts my heart and God help the girl that tries to marry my baby boy. When he hugs you, his little fingers give an ever so gently pat on your back. His spirit is genuine, he loves and protects his sisters. This is not to say he won't give them a what for when they push his buttons, that is what brothers do I guess, he is not afraid cuddle on the couch with his girls and watch movies. He also is a willing participant to play Prince Charming in many adventures to save the damsels in distress. I think he is well on his way to being a good man.

When he was a infant, because as you all know he is still my baby, he would softly hoot when feeding. This is how he got one of the many nicknames Hootie. He has not hooted in awhile, well since he stopped drinking from the "nottle" (a mixture of homegrown milk source and the manufactured style).

The boy does not like change in his environment. Now, he succumbs to the event, but on his own terms. I recently made some decorating changes to his room, since the boy light turned on I thought I would make his room a little more masculine. The Husband and I got decorations for the walls, trains, you know, boy-ed it up. So when he came home from a weekend at Gma's house, got excited and oohed and ahhed, then just at the last few moments before going to sleep he said to me, "Mom, take the stickers out of my room" I say "Son, they stay on the walls", he said "no, I don't want them in here" I said, "Son, the glue is permanent". Still if any of us leave items in his room which do not belong there, shoes, towels, whatever, you will find a little pile of stuff outside of his bedroom door.

He is very ticklish! It doesn't matter which part you go for, neck, tummy, toes, the result is the same. Total pee in the pants laughter. His little face turns red and he sounds like a wind up toy. I only have faint memories of laughing that hard, courtesy of Doc, Heather, Bambi, and Godzilla. After he begs you to stop, he promptly asks "Tickle me again!"

Dreamy blue eyes. The boy has hound dog, round dreamy blue eyes. They twinkle, and if I ever get to be a great photographer I might be able to produce a picture to prove it.

All boy, all the time! The light came on, so fast in fact he went to sleep and the next morning I was being invaded by boom sticks. How do they know this stuff? He is hard pressed to even take a nap, uncorked amount of energy could light an entire city.

He is a man of few words but when he speaks he has something to say. He recently has been developing a collection of stories he tells me in the car about when he was a baby, and how he had to go down the tracks. It is very similar to Abbiedo's one time at band camp. The story usually starts, "Mommy. MOOOMMMY! This one time when I was a baby I had to walk a very long way across these tracks."

He L.O.V.E.S. trains. Can not get enough of them. On a weekly basis he would like to take a ride on a locomotive. If only I lived closer to a train museum, I think we would be there every weekend. He will sit in his room for hours playing with his toy trains, loading the cargo cars, standing over the tracks so the train will go through his legs. Like I said, all boy, all the time.

I love this boy. My children are very special to me, but a mom and her boy, that is special too. I will dearly miss those days when the hugs and kisses are not as plentiful or freely given. So for now, I will take what I can get.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monkey Spotlight: My Abbie Doodlebug

This is my Abbie Doodlebug. I thought I would take some time to share special things about my little monkey.

The Basics
She is a twin and a middle child all rolled into one powerful package. My introduction to my Abbdo was that she firmly kept her brother at the bottom of the womb right up to the time she stated unequivocally she was coming out first. Even in utero she and her brother have been squabbling for space and attention. She weighed in at 7 lbs and some extra change, 21 inches, with a good run at a head of hair. Oh man, thinking about it, I can hardly remember the tiny little body I held in my arms, I know she smelled good.

The Special
Her personality is powerful. She may be small but this little girl is determined. I knew from day one this baby was going to give me a run for my money. Little miss bossy is in the house! Born to organize, tell people what to do, fiery temper, easily negotiable for better terms for her benefit. This one will watch the action and find the right combination of buttons to bring down her selected targets. Brains before brawn is her motto.

Her sweetness is beyond comprehension. As loving as she is fierce, there is not a moment when this one will pass up an opportunity to lay on the smooches and hugs. She is cuddlely, genuine, and motivated to do for others.

Her laugh is like a toy doll. To get her to laugh, I mean really give a belly laugh, is often hard work. She makes you earn the giggle or two. But when the laughter begins, it is all you can do not to giggle because of the itsy bitsy laugh filling the room.

She will be 4 years old in a few months and she can still wear clothing from 18 - 24 months. She is within 1/2 inch of her brother, and consistantly 10 pounds lighter. Eats a lot, but hardly puts on a pound.

She has Bowie eyes. One is blue and the other is green/brown. I used to think it was lighting issues when I would take photos, but when I really looked at her eyes, by golly they are different colors. Her eyes are just as unique as her personality.

She has a bald spot on her left temporal. She was born with this little bald area, well there are baby hairs, but the rest of her hair just grows longer and covers the spot. Sometimes it makes styling her hair a little difficult.

This little girl is a talker. She has the capacity to talk or sing for hours, and when I say hours, I literaly mean HOURS. Road trips are interesting, the other two will drop into slumber and this one will talk her way into sleep. She can go into a routine of "This one time I was walking on the ice.........." her version of the time at band camp.

I love this little girl, my life is richer and more challenging with her in it. I am so curious to know what life brings before her, I know that she is going to kick life's ass.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emma's Spring Pageant

I was not fortunate enough to be able to make her spring pageant so I am grateful to Brian for taking these pictures. I know they are a little fuzzy but Em was dressed up as a ladybug and her group sang the song "She's a lady". This is more of a reason to have my own business with my own hours. Stuff like this comes once around and I am missing it. DOH!

My little Prarie Rose

She is too freakin' cute. One of her aunties had made this hat for her daughter and gave it my little bitsy. She wears the hat everywhere. If only her mom could take a decent picture oh vey!

Get me some gold lame' and call me Cha Cha

I had it all planned out, this was an opportunity for hearty belly laughs. I lingered at the left mouse button, sweat upon my upper lip, agonizing "should I or shouldn't I?" The imp in me hit the mouse button to confirm my purchase. Immediately, the pains of buyer's remorse hit me like a Mack truck. OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE! THE HORROR, THE HORROR, SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE! (that was three movies all rolled into one quote)

The deed was done, I was committed to a night of laughter. Robin Williams would be in Vegas and I treated the ole ball and chain to a night of comedy. I was pretty stoked after the initial purchase trauma wore off. I said to the Husband; pack thy bag ole naive, we are hitting the trail for funsville. Like he needed any prodding. There you have it, one big father's day shindig for my loving gorilla. I had hit the peak. Then, the storm came in.

A mere two weeks since the infamous clicking of the left mouse button, the news came. “Weapons of Mass Destruction Tour to be cancelled due to heart surgery; all East coast shows to be rescheduled”. Ok, I thought well, Vegas is a little farther west and hell maybe he will get better by then. Nope. Now don't get me wrong, I wish the man well, and I am happy his heart is healthy again and he is going to continue to tour. WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK TO VEGAS?! Apparently, not in the too distant future, or even in this calendar year. Yeah, all I am seeing on his website is the East coast. WTF! See the obsessive compulsive side just went to the site again just in case.

Ok, so now we are committed, got plane tickets, hotel, car rental, there is no stopping the trip. So we leave. Got on that jet plane, knew when we would come back again, and tried to figure out what are we going to do. Well what the hell else are you going to do, you go to the desert.

Let's take a look shall we?

One of the places we didn't see on our last trip was a place called Valley of Fire National Park. Anyone we ran into while there in Nevada the last trip said "You have to see it! The colors is spectacular". Well, they were right. The rocks were amazing, only in nature can these colors come to life.

Almost every rock surface had holes, burrows, or some kind of cave like dwelling. Brian loves holes so this was really fascinating and compelling for him to climb into one. I know, you counseling types, you can analyze him later. I have my own theories.

I was excited to take pictures again, I seemed to have lost my mojo as of late and cannot seem to get my camera to do what I want it to do. It is a constant argument with myself and the camera. So far, the camera is winning. Winning big.

The road into the park is small, winding, and HOT! Yeah, I tried to lay down on the asphalt to get the "arty" shot but I burned my biscuits. My biscuits are too old to be burned in that manner.

My homage to the burning bush. I felt a little like Moses for like a second. I was hot, bothered and looking for some water. Funny thing about the desert, even when it is overcast, still FREAKIN' HOT!

One of the attractions besides the amazing colors of the landscape was the 3,000 year old petroglyphics of the indigenous Basket people who lived in this area. The preservation is outstanding and apart from the visiting chuckle heads that think they are being funny carving into the rock and defacing a state park, it is truly amazing to see how people who lived thousands of years before you communicated. I am awestruck in the pictorial detail and care that went into the drawings.

I am still wondering how the hell did these people survive here? Man, there is no visible water sources, I am told there are two kinds of food pods growing wild in the area but to find something that small would be a miracle at best. This is tough living folks.

I told Brian to jump, for once he did what I asked him to do. ::smiling:: And as you can see below, MY man found himself a hole to climb in. Can you tell he is squealing like a little girl on the inside?

One of the local residents. Luckily this guy was hanging out in the visitor's station in the middle of the park. I like them but getting this close is allowed when they are behind glass.

The local color, bright and beautiful.

Proof that I have a husband. He often claims I don't have enough pictures of him. The Pigeon, looking cool as always.

Another local resident ran up to my feet while I was taking pictures of the flora. These guys are fast.

This was in a place called Mouse's Cave. This was on the 1 mile round trip trail to an area where a renegade would escape and be able to find water. At the end of the trail, there is a natural collection bowl in the rocks where he would be able to stay in the area for months. When we arrived all we found was a insect infested pool of dirty water. Geez, I guess if I was thirsty enough it would do.

Brian also likes to climb rocks. He is one with the rock. You can never take the boy out of the man. I sat at the bottom and took pictures.

On the hike back to the car, these guys showed up. I was not afraid to get close and they were not afraid of me. Actually I think they enjoyed the posing. I even got a little head bob from the big one.

This guy looked a little worse for wear. He was molting and there was a little evidence of a fight in the recent days. Tough little bugger.

The road out of here was barely a road. At some points it was just gravel and no way to contact anyone. I think we may have even wandered into Arizona, but I can't be sure.

I treated Pigeon to a pedicure the next day. He was in man heaven. Someone was willing to massage his feet. I think I created a monster.