Friday, August 7, 2009

Morning Whimsical Musing

So the morning routine is for the most part the same. The alarm goes off before daylight even considers to make an appearance, the kids are dragging their bottoms up and down the hallway getting dressed in between whines, and I am thinking getting up this early STINKS.

While we (the little kids and myself) are commuting to work and school I look in the review mirror and see grumbly faces. Because the little kids are little and have no concept of the passage of time, days, weeks, hours, I help them remember their birthday by telling them when the pumpkins start to appear their birthday is coming. Well they remember the pumpkin part and coincidentally we happen to pass a field which is growing pumpkins.

So I start making funny voices and goofing around by asking them whose birthday is coming and the pumpkins are coming and look there is a pumpkin patch. So the frowns start turning into smiles which makes the ride a bit happier and the Big Easy starts in what he would like for a birthday present.

I say ok buddy tell mommy what you would like.

Big Easy says "I would like a hippopotamus and flies that work."

Me: What? You want what?

Big Easy: Yeah, I want a hippopotamus and flies that work. The hippopotamus will eat the flies and I want them to work. Maybe we can get a bag to put in his stomach to catch them.

Me: Very puzzled and still trying to drive.

Big Easy: And I would like to have a soccer ball to play with after the hippopotamus is done.

Me: Ok

Bitsy: Mom?

Me: Yes

Bitsy: I would like to have Sleeping Beauty slapstick.

Me: Slapstick?

Bitsy: Yeah, I want slapstick, you know for my lips.

Me: Anything else?

Bitsy: No, just slapstick.

Me: Ok

As you can see, I have got some shopping to do.

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  1. OH.HOW.FUNNY! I am mesmerized with what these kids say/do!!! MESMERIZED! Hey, can you get me some slapstick too? :)

    Love you sis! Kiss the little-uns for me!


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