Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello Mommy Dearest!

This is Bitsy. This is Bitsy using her toy cell phone, making important phone calls, about her latest novel which is perched in her lap. Although she has a room, she has chosen to place her office in the laundry basket I keep the clean socks in. Yes, I am that lazy to keep the kids' socks in the laundry basket rather than putting them in the drawers.

This is Bitsy catching me taking her picture while she is in the middle of her pitch meeting for the latest mommy dearest novel. I am hoping it is fiction. The look she is giving is telling me she does not consider the book to be fiction. I think she is giving me the stink eye. Oh boy, don't look her straight in the eyes, that would be dangerous.

This is Bitsy giving me the business. Bitsy is informing me that I have interrupted her meeting and can't I just stay out of the way. This is Bitsy letting me know that her laundry basket is not open for visitation and that I need to give her some privacy. Why did I not know that?

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  1. Bitsy is a very serious business woman! I think she actually snuck a call in to Sarah too. Sarah has been on her "shell" phone for three days straight.

    Love you sis


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