Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Wishing to all my peeps, a warm, loving, bountiful holiday. Not to get all mushy, but I think it is important to say I am thankful for the many blessings in my life, you guys included. Three of them are regularly featured on this blog. My dad always said it is not what is in your pocket that makes you a rich man, it is the people who surround you each day, good or bad, sad or happy. The riches of his life were his immediate and extended family.

Appreciating is as simple as a "thank you", noticing the little things which are done each day. To my family, Thank YOU! I appreciate how you make my life bigger, brighter, and loved. In the words of Jerry Maguire, but not meaning it to be cheezy, "you all complete me". I only hope I can return the gift.

Happy Turkey Day! Warm wishes to all!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tagged - Stuffed and Mounted on the Wall

Holy amusement park Batman! I've been tagged! Thank you Miss H! This one is definitely fun, so below is the 4th picture posted in the 4th month of this blogging journey. The kids and I went to the playground were a large puddle was begging to be ran through. But before the joy of running through muddy waters, this little Itsy Bitsy granted me this picture. Again I ask of her, who are you? She is in her own world!

Here is the same beautiful little girl just days before her 3rd birthday. I am amazed by her, for this girl is fierce. Don't you just want to nibble on her little cheeks?

Ok ladies, your turn!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wonder Twins powers, Activate!

As we open our new episode of Abbazabba and the Big Easy, we find our fun loving super duo working on known nemesis of the Justice League cleverly disguised as a civil servant. By day, the civil servant reassures the public all of the disturbances are merely coincidental all the while he is working on his plan for world domination.

Sure the twins look like just everyday kids, but the power swirling underneath the mild manner persona is unmeasurable.

Let's pick up where we left off in the last episode.

Big Easy: Hey, Hey, what's that? (eye squinting, finger pointing)

Abbazabba: That's a motorcycle.

Big Easy: No, Noooo, thaaat!

As the twins use their smoke and mirror conversational skills to confuse the unsuspecting uncle/civil servant on his chosen mode of transportation. They convince him to allow them aboard the supra bike.

Sword in hand the Big Easy and Abbazabba surround their prey.

Never mind what I have hidden here, just, hey what's that over there?

You didn't see anything.

Gaining a firm grip on the getaway transportation. Lulling the uncle/civil servant into the stupor of just how cute they are.

Get ready Abbazabba to transform!

Wait for it, wait for it

Gleek the space monkey waiting for the right moment to strike............

Take the form of a princess

Take the form of a biker.

Monday, November 17, 2008

This Boy's Smile

Makes me completely melt. He is just a happy little guy, and within the last few months has completely went all boy on me. Really, one day, the switch came on literally. I remember I was in the living room and he came speeding by sword in hand looking to slay some dragons. Then it morphed into "boom thing" which took me a moment to figure out what he was talking about. Is this innate? I am sure some of it is learned but man, it is like someone said "Now, you will be boy! Rough it up, jump off of it, tackle it, wrestle it" (Miss Em has been the recipient of a few take downs), it is just non-stop. Even when he is getting ready for bed, still moving up until the moment he completely succumbs to the tired.

So on the boy's birthday his uncle came to the house on his motorcycle. After a million questions he finally landed the right one, he wanted to sit on the bike. His uncle more than pleased took the boy and his sister out for their first lesson on bike safety. No, he did not take for a ride, just sitting on the bike was enough for the boy's imagination. Sword in hand and his Abbazabba driving there was nothing to stop these two from asking me in 12 years for a motorcycle. To which I have no answer. I guess I better start working on my answer. For now, here is the boy is all the happiness any little boy could dream of.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I can't express just how excited I am. We had our first parent/teacher conference for the Divine Miss Em yesterday. To say the least I was nervous, not that Em wasn't doing well but more worried her parents, me and the husband, were not doing enough to help her have a good kindergarten experience. The first stroke of good fortune was moving into our neighborhood, the second stroke of good fortune was her kindergarten teacher. This woman rocks, and if I had her permission to leak her name I would.

As parents, you all know you draw from the personal experiences as to what elementary school is going to be like for your kid. I had my fair share of awesome teachers and some pretty bad ones as well. My hope for Em was to have some kind of transition from her "Norm from Cheers" knowing everyone, to knowing no one, as smooth as possible. The girl has it going on! Her teacher says that not only are we doing a great job, this kid is a good person. Wow, the things I have been working for are starting to come to fruition. I have a kid who is a good person at five years old. I am thinking she and I are on the right path. But that is not all.

Part of their evaluation through out the year looks at their ability to construct thoughts and put into sentences. Out of all the current kindergarten classes, which is like 150 kids, Em is one of four kids that scored highest in this area. What this means is, Em is able to put together complex pronoun sentences and compound sentences on her own without assistance. For example she will when asked tell the instructor "I like going to the park to play with my friends". This is big stuff for five year old. But beyond that, for which I am very proud of my girl for being her, this little girl read to me her first book on her own.

The kids put together little 10 page books made up of the words they are learning and some words they can sound out, Em has been working so hard on these words and it paid off. The look on her face with the turn of each page, man I would not trade it for the world. I think she was ten feet tall when she finished. I was so excited Em and I ran into the bathroom where the husband was giving the little kids a bath, I said "Em can read, Em can read, listen everyone!"

Em read her book again and the little kids, went crazy for her. High fives all around, the little kids asked her to read books to them, such an awesome experience. Tooth faeries and reading books, I can't wait for what is next!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Uh OH! Dental Faeries Working Overtime!

My kid is working overtime on losing teeth! She just lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago and this past Sunday right as she was going to bed, VOILA! Tooth number two is sitting in the palm of her hand. I say the dental faeries are working overtime and sending me the bill.

I was trying to negotiate with the dental faeries to mix it up a bit with little trinkets, toys, crayons or something besides cold, hard cash, but they ran a coup on me before I could stock up.

For me, I just love surprises, and the look on her face when she is trying to figure out how the tooth got out of the plastic bag and the money gets in. Yeah, neither parent is a big fan of just letting the tooth loose under the pillow, we like the restraint method.

Picture an adult hunched over in the dark, sneaking a hand under the sleeping child negotiating the ultra zip lock feature of the bag you so lovingly praised earlier in the day for not exploding all over the kitchen floor but now in the dark, twenty minutes to midnight, the ultra zip lock feature is not looking so great. After two dives to the floor, a couple of freeze tag positions, and a small prayer she just did not see you, finally, finally the cash is in. Man this is tough, I felt like I needed to learn some Yoga positions to get this done. My calves hurt along with the tukas. Oh but look at this face, that is what makes it worthwhile!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Using your noggin, VOTE

Hey guys, this is the day, the day we have been waiting for to finally decide where this country is going. My only advice to use your noggin, so many issues coming out of the propositions are fueled with illogical and faulty claims.

The more you listen, the more you learn, but to learn you have to listen to the view of the opposition. Do not take what is spoon fed, do not take what is meant to incite emotional flares, use your cool, calm, intelligent noggin. Look deeper than what is on the surface, often there is a more horrid agenda looming under the surface, don't be caught by the smoke and mirrors. Don't let the propaganda machine tell you how stupid you are, the machine is wrong.

It is a partnership, a relationship we all, as Americans, have with each other and by far the most complicated because of the myriad of personalities. We as a Americans, must use our noggins. Our country is fighting for survival, our people are living on the streets, our people are living without medical care/insurance, our children are struggling with the basic educational skills, our elderly are suffering alone, our people are without work.

When is the time for the light to come on above our heads? When is the time for citizens of this country to come to the aid of our fallen neighbor? Vote with your noggin, vote in the interest of helping your fellow citizen, vote beyond the party lines, vote beyond the pettiness, vote for the good of our State, Country, and fellow human.

I still believe in miracles.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Funny is just Funny

This by no means is a support for any candidate. Funny has no rules, and what makes you laugh should be shared. Enjoy, don't forget to turn on the speakers, and let's gear up for Super Tuesday!