Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blink and there it was.......

One of the most recent hanging out with the kids and taking pictures weekend came with it a bribe. The condition put to me by my eldest was that she would only let me take her picture if and only if I pinkie promised to try to get her picture in a magazine. Without thinking or blinking I sealed the deal with a curved pinkie finger. DONE.

OH NO, WHAT IN THE HOLY MOTHER HAVE I PROMISED? The wheels turned and turned, search and searched all over the Internet. Who would be charitable enough to indulge a foolish mother pinkie promise to have her kid's picture printed in a magazine?

Well thankfully, not only is there a magazine, which is local, and my friend had her picture on the COVER, I went to the website and sent in a picture of all three of my monkeys. I waited. Waited some more and finally just gave up.

Lesson learned, don't make promises with kids you can't keep. Then just when I was digging my hole a little deeper for another reason, I get an email. My friend says (and I am paraphrasing) "OMG go look at this link!" For her a great moment because she was awarded the cover and for me, another great moment, go look on page 29!

I am truly happy and honored to have my photographs in print in a local magazine of my three monkeys. I know they have limited spots and a bagazillion entry photographs. So I got to keep my pinkie promise and "Look Mom, I am Famous"

So please enjoy, I am off to my next adventure. First Grade Back to School Night! Pictures will follow this event, stay tuned.

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