Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Morning Whimsical Musing

Picture a mother and her children commuting to work and preschool. The day is fresh and cool, children are chatting away in the back of the van. Mother entertaining the little folk with games of "What letter starts the word ......."


The girl: Mommy, Mommy, what letter starts the word trees.

Me: The letter t, tuh

The boy: Mommy, what letter starts the word.....uhhhh......pointer?

Me: What?

The boy: Pointer!

Me: Pointer?

The boy: Yes, yes, the word pointer.

Me: The letter p, puh

The boy: (small pause before speaking) Mommy, what letter starts the word tall man?

Me: (confusion) Tall man?

Then I look into the review mirror to see this vision of lovlieness. My son, my only son, the sweet little guy, from whom I get many "I love you Mommy" giving me the tall man.

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