Thursday, February 28, 2008

Too Cute for Words

Well this is not so cute but she really was not happy with me at the moment. LOL

Back down memory lane

I was rummaging through some pictures to arrange them on my new toy, a portable hard drive. I happened to come across some of Ethan and Abbie when they were baby babies. What does baby babies mean? I have no idea what the distinction between baby babies is and babies. I guess what I mean is the kids are still my babies no matter what it is just they are a little taller, drool less, and trying to pee in the toilet instead of their pants.

Anyway, it is funny to me the facial expressions because the kids still posses the looks they had at six months. I just had an experience with these little folks yesterday. I was dropping the kids off at school, sometimes Abbie has a hard time letting me leave and this particular morning she was very upset. The teachers ususally come to distract her while Emma and I make our exit but this morning Ethan was not happy with the level of comfort the teacher was giving to Abbie. In a bold voice he states "Abbie is my sister. My sister." and proceeds to grab her hand and take her to another part of the classroom to comfort her his way. Amazing to me to watch those two hand in hand tending to eachothers needs. Wow, the bond is deep with these two.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where are the dinosaurs?

Brian and I took the kids to see Disney's Princess Wishes on Saturday. We started taking Emma when she was about two and she absolutely loved it! So why not the little kids? Apart from going to the playground often or the zoo, the snow, we try to do something as a family. I know the kids get a kick out of it but Brian and I really get a kick watching the kids completely enthralled.

Earlier this year we took the kids to see "Walking with Dinosaurs" and wow what a ride! If you did not get to see the show this time around definitely take the time to find the next show because it was FABULOUS! The tres tots were captivated, so much so Emma told my husband "See, I told you dinosaurs were real!"

Anyway, we packed Grandma and kids up and headed to the show. We get into our seats, many oohhs and ahhhs at the set, the lights go out, music comes on, here comes Tinkerbell waving her fairy dust all over the place, I turn to look at Ethan and say "What do you think son?" Ethan looks up at me with those liquid blue eyes, which by the way make me melt, the boy has me on a short string, and says in his little boy voice "Where are the dinosaurs?" I say "Son, there aren't any dinosaurs in this show, but we may see some dragons or Mickey Mouse." He says "But where are the dinosaurs?"

Have we reached the point in his boyhood that we need to find rougher entertainment? He makes me laugh, he sat in his seat looking like Rodin's The Thinker contemplating the validity of the performance with his bottom lip pouting. He is not unhappy, on the contrary he is captivated with the skating, the jumping, and I saw him smiling when Ariel and Prince Eric were spinning around the rink. The dragon spitting fire sold him that it was worth his time.

Brian went to go and get some snacks at the break and he chose oh so wisely to bring shaved ice with a heaping helping of pure sugar. Yup, three small kids and a truck load of sugar during their normal nap time. Abbie was sitting on my lap ravenously going through her cup o' sugar when I looked into her dirty little face. She for a brief moment she shifted her gaze to me and looked at me out of the corner of her eye. I am sure it was an optical illusion but I swore as soon as the sugar hit her body the pupil of her eye shrunk to the size of a pinhole. I felt like the Wiley E. Coyote waiting for the boulder to come crashing down on me. It was just a matter of time.

But I am here to say, I made it out from under the boulder so you can call me the roadrunner, BEEP BEEP!

All in all, I had fun with the kids, will always want to do it again. The next hurdle is traveling on a plane with the girls to New York in April. The dudes will stay home and do dude things over the weekend, building castles with blocks, stomping in puddles, wrestling and of course putting dinosaur pjs on for bed time. I will miss watching that all go down. :o)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My heart is aching

My heart is aching for my friend. She and her family suffered a terrible, tragic loss to their family unit. Loss is never easy to deal with and I, like so many, have a hard time understanding the reasons.

But for now, please any of you who may come across this site please take a moment and send out good thoughts, prayers, cosmic hugs, anything you may choose to all of those loved ones who have left us too early and for those loved ones who are left behind. We are stronger together than we are apart, sympathy and empathy are not limited to just a few, those feelings belong to all.

My friend is strong, but she is stronger with arms around her and words of support in her ears. So with that, my friend, I am here, I am listening, I have big shoulders to cry on, and my heart is yours.

Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your child.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There is a unique bond between siblings. I have one brother who is 13 years my junior. Love him, sometimes, most of the time, well I have to confess I love him all of the time. Unfortunately for him, because he arrived in my life while I was a pre-teen, the second mommy thing overtook me. I meant well, but to his chagrin, he would prefer to have only one mother. In fact he has told me so, and by golly I have tried to ease up and be just funk soul sister friendly, but alas I am a caretaker and will always be that way.

Anyway, my brother is amazing in his own right, still young in the tooth, lots of energy, and darn cute if I may say. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, and I miss him when he is not around. Lately, I have seen him in a differnt light, he is the ultimate uncle to my kids and they think he is the moon. I love watching him play with the kids, I love watching the kid's eyes searching of new ways to engage the attention of their uncle. However, my brother shares the same genes as my father, and for those of you fortunate folks (and you know who you are) who knew my father there comes with that gene pool mischievious behavior. I am just waiting for what my brother will so brotherly/unclely bestow upon my children the new and wonderful ideas to make their parents cringe. Trust me there will be updates. But I digress from my original point.
Nick the Goof

Nick not wanting his picture taken

My point is that I did not have the pleasure of growing up with a sister. I have sisters now, handpicked and blessed, but how long could I go without such a bond in my life? Anyway, I think about these things when I look at my daughters and when I look at my mom and aunt. What a cool thing is that? Everytime I look at them I think about one of my favourite songs from a favourite movie. As you take a look at the lyrics, gander at these beautiful women in my life.

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters; never had to
chaperone no sir, i'm there to keep my eye on her.

Caring, sharing, every little thing that we are wearing; when a certain gentleman arrived from Rome, she wore the dress and i stayed home;

All kinds of weather, we stick together, the same in the rain or sun, two different faces but in tight places, we think and we act as one.

Those who've seen us, know that not a thing can come between us; many men have tried to split us up but no one can.

Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister; and Lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man.

Soundtrack from White Christmas / Words & Music by Irving Berling

Yes that is a banana, she is sharing her "see food"

Friday, February 8, 2008

After all that.....

So I am driving the tres tots to school this weary, foggy, Friday morning barely awake and wondering why I don't have the choice of just staying in bed. That can be summed up in one bleary word.....WORK.

But I digress, the tres tots and I are listening to the radio, a much needed break from sesme sweet, and the hosts are taking calls from children asking them who they would vote for if in fact they were old enough to vote. Cute break in radio, the tres tots enjoy hearing other kids speaking and me, I just love this radio show. The short of it is the hosts make me laugh and while the content is not always tres tot friendly, I have mastered the volume button to minimize the contact with the non tres tot ears. Anyway, they have one little girl come on the radio and make her choice of who she would vote for and the hosts asked why she would not choose the other. The child stated she would not choose the other candidate because the church the candidate attends is all one ethinicity and does not allow other ethnicities to attend. Whether that statement is true or not, it was more of the parroting of the child views of, well I am not going to sugar coat, early buds of racism. I make a big noise in the front seat of "HOLY COW!" I am thinking, wow this thinking is coming out of the mouth of a 7 year old and it makes me shiver. A judgement coming from a child.

The divine miss E pipes up from the back seat and asks "Momma why did you make that noise?" I say just wait a moment Em and I will tell you. Basically it is my stratigic arm block to a subject I am not ready to explain. After a few moments I grab the pant loops and yank and then launch into this little speech with a loud voice so she can hear me in the back of the van. It goes something like this.

Em, I would like you to know when you choose friends, you should consider their actions and their hearts. Friends should be people who are faithful, kind, loving and care about you and your feelings. The color of their skin, choice of religion, whether they are a girl or a boy, the color of their hair or eyes, should not stop you from being their friend. Em, the other stuff does not difinitively define who that person is. (Yes, I did use the word difinitively, sometimes I forget I am speaking to a 4 year old, it can only build her vocabulary right?) Look for friends who who have good hearts.

Ok, so I gave my love the rainbow of society, idealist speech, feeling pretty good that I got the chance to ask Em to open her heart and look for the good in people, goodness knows I have been crusted over for many years, and after a few moments Em says, "What did you say Momma, I could not hear what you said".

After all that! I will try again another day.