Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monkey Spotlight: My Abbie Doodlebug

This is my Abbie Doodlebug. I thought I would take some time to share special things about my little monkey.

The Basics
She is a twin and a middle child all rolled into one powerful package. My introduction to my Abbdo was that she firmly kept her brother at the bottom of the womb right up to the time she stated unequivocally she was coming out first. Even in utero she and her brother have been squabbling for space and attention. She weighed in at 7 lbs and some extra change, 21 inches, with a good run at a head of hair. Oh man, thinking about it, I can hardly remember the tiny little body I held in my arms, I know she smelled good.

The Special
Her personality is powerful. She may be small but this little girl is determined. I knew from day one this baby was going to give me a run for my money. Little miss bossy is in the house! Born to organize, tell people what to do, fiery temper, easily negotiable for better terms for her benefit. This one will watch the action and find the right combination of buttons to bring down her selected targets. Brains before brawn is her motto.

Her sweetness is beyond comprehension. As loving as she is fierce, there is not a moment when this one will pass up an opportunity to lay on the smooches and hugs. She is cuddlely, genuine, and motivated to do for others.

Her laugh is like a toy doll. To get her to laugh, I mean really give a belly laugh, is often hard work. She makes you earn the giggle or two. But when the laughter begins, it is all you can do not to giggle because of the itsy bitsy laugh filling the room.

She will be 4 years old in a few months and she can still wear clothing from 18 - 24 months. She is within 1/2 inch of her brother, and consistantly 10 pounds lighter. Eats a lot, but hardly puts on a pound.

She has Bowie eyes. One is blue and the other is green/brown. I used to think it was lighting issues when I would take photos, but when I really looked at her eyes, by golly they are different colors. Her eyes are just as unique as her personality.

She has a bald spot on her left temporal. She was born with this little bald area, well there are baby hairs, but the rest of her hair just grows longer and covers the spot. Sometimes it makes styling her hair a little difficult.

This little girl is a talker. She has the capacity to talk or sing for hours, and when I say hours, I literaly mean HOURS. Road trips are interesting, the other two will drop into slumber and this one will talk her way into sleep. She can go into a routine of "This one time I was walking on the ice.........." her version of the time at band camp.

I love this little girl, my life is richer and more challenging with her in it. I am so curious to know what life brings before her, I know that she is going to kick life's ass.

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  1. Oh Abbiedoodle! She is an absolute delight - I love how her and Sarah play, being the cutest (and strongest) princesses in the land!

    I am so honore to be your auntie!!!


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