Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look out Pele, here comes "The Kat"

So I am going to be upfront with this information. I am COMPETITIVE! I can't help it, especially when it comes to sports. No one is harder on me than myself. The push to perform consistently and well. I played sports, intramural and in community leagues. Softball was my main thing but I dabbled in volleyball, broomball, and everything else in between. Well except golf. Golf is a whole other post.

So what I am trying to say is that with the excessive competitiveness comes the ugly triple headed sports mom. Now, I have seen them, watched them and told myself "pfheww, I will NOT be like that with my kids", however that little monster peeked her ugly head out of the shell last night. I scared myself.

That realization that I had just made a complete ASS of myself in front of others (it is bad when you do that in front of the people you love, but a whole different matter when it is people you don't know) I felt the hot eyes. And I fully deserved every bit of disdain I received. I own the ridicule.

I was a hard on the Kat. I forgot that this is her first year playing, I forgot she is not physically conditioned yet to keep running, I forgot she does not know about protocol and procedures.

Luckily this league is forgiving to these young athletes and are more understanding of a young six year old and her propensity to over dramatized her fatigue for the masses. Not all of it was pure exhaustion. Learn from my mistake and turn the lesson into how can I help her and keep the triple headed sports mom in the van.

Here are some shots of the last two games. In the end, they had fun and so did I. The Kat is a great defender, she has had two halves of playing the goalie and kick some rumpus. These kids make this game sooo much more exciting than any sporting event with adults. Pure joy of being a kid let loose and kicking a ball. Autopilot all the way, and they always travel in a pack, aka "bunch ball".

I need to work on my action photography.

Excellent job, my dear. I am soooo very proud of you and all the hard work.

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  1. We learn so much about our selfs from them, ah? She reminded us all, when she danced around side-to-side with the ball... smiling with delight... as the kids in the field followed her every though they were hypnotized...parents is just a game.

    Have fun... : )


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