Thursday, July 30, 2009

The wailings of a 1st grader's mother

It's coming, the month of August is approaching quickly. Some of you would ask, what is so special about August. August is a nice month, still quite warm, still plenty of days for swimming, doesn't get dark until after eight at night. Sure, that is all swell, but that is not the reason I am grousing about August.

August, Latin origin, the eighth month on the Gregorian calendar originally named for the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar in 8 BC. August was originally known as sextilus on the Roman calendar. But I digress, with the approach of the month of August this means there will be only 17 days before she wakes up, gets ready for school, AND STARTS THE FIRST GRADE! HOLY COW FOLKS THIS IS BIG!

Has time sped up? Have I dropped into a worm hole? What the hell, my kid will in the first grade and I have turned 40. These things, my age and she starting first grade, are to the best of my feeble mind not compatible.

I look at her and she is different. I think I must reconcile with myself there are many, many more events to which I will look at my dear, darling daughter and not recognize her. I am still looking for the pudgy cheeked baby and before me is a strong, agile little girl. I am not sure my heart can take it. I am as nervous as a cat on a block of ice in the middle of a pond. New teacher, new kids, more opportunity for her to become independent of me. I want to keep her snuggled under my arm, kissing her forehead.

So I am taking suggestions. How do I keep her little. Is that an option? This is legal right?

Help me,

Disenchanted, discombobulated parent in the burbs

P.S. Please send all sympathy cash, gift cards to me. Do not, I repeat do not put The Husband's name on any of the envelopes. Really, just send it to the P.O. Box I have provided, he doesn't have the number or any idea the mailbox exists.

P.S.S. Just in case for those who may have put The Husband's name on the envelope, or if The Husband happens to read this entry, please don't make multiple mention of the incoming envelope. He has a short attention span and really if a squirrel would run by the window he will be distracted and days will pass before he senses there may have been something he missed.

P.S.S.S. To the husband, you really didn't read anything. OH LOOOK!!! A SQUIRREL!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello Mommy Dearest!

This is Bitsy. This is Bitsy using her toy cell phone, making important phone calls, about her latest novel which is perched in her lap. Although she has a room, she has chosen to place her office in the laundry basket I keep the clean socks in. Yes, I am that lazy to keep the kids' socks in the laundry basket rather than putting them in the drawers.

This is Bitsy catching me taking her picture while she is in the middle of her pitch meeting for the latest mommy dearest novel. I am hoping it is fiction. The look she is giving is telling me she does not consider the book to be fiction. I think she is giving me the stink eye. Oh boy, don't look her straight in the eyes, that would be dangerous.

This is Bitsy giving me the business. Bitsy is informing me that I have interrupted her meeting and can't I just stay out of the way. This is Bitsy letting me know that her laundry basket is not open for visitation and that I need to give her some privacy. Why did I not know that?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Go Speed Racer, GO!

We have cool neighbors. They are young, hip and very sweet, especially to my weasels. So our neighbor is outside and the kids frantically climb out of the van when we get home and start yelling his name. He graciously comes out of the garage to welcome my little whirlwinds into his life for a few moments. Of course their garage is filled with cool stuff like a ATV! Oh geez, I am fear for my medical bills.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh those lovely little faces........

I recently took the kids on an excursion with their gma to a local park. Somehow I convinced them to let me take some pictures. The eldest darling made me pinkie promise to send her photo to a local magazine in hopes it will be chosen to grace its pages. I am honour bound by the pinkie promise. This is just a sneak peek of the day. I am just in love with these shots of my monkeys.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monkey Spotlight: My Emma Kat

This is my eldest monkey Emma the Kat, Big Curls, Sweet Pea, Rosebud, Cakes. Oh vey, look at this face! I could not love this little girl any more than I do.

The Basics
She is the eldest monkey of three. She came into this world with a wholelotta hair, dark brown eyes, and the sweetest smile. My main monkey girl weighed in at 8 pounds and some change, 20 inches long. This baby girl would whirl in utero to her own drum beat and even now she has her own Salsa dance to perform each day.

The Special
She is fierce, strong willed, head strong, passionate, SMART, joyful, loving, cuddly, silly, and that is all in the first five minutes after she wakes up in the morning. You know how there are some people you are just drawn toward? Em is one of those people, she is just dynamic. There is always a good time to be had with this monkey.

The hair, oh how I love the hair! Geez, this kid has the best hair! Thick, soft, long and ringlets at the bottom. She came in this world with a full head, and never lost a piece. I find myself snuggling with her and braiding her hair when she is very still.

She is a hoarder. Now, this could be a problem later but the damn gene is strong in this family! Although she has a million stuffed animals, crayons, pens, books, dollhouses, whatever it is, she has all her stuff organized with precision. One night Emma went to bed and I walked in a few hours later to check on her. I opened the door, looked at the bed, no Emma. I thought, this can't be, I sent her in the room, I could have sworn she climbed in the bed. All I saw was a pile of stuffed animals. I moved closer, what I saw was completely amazing. She had built a fortress of animals, and she was curled up in the middle. I will share the picture another time.

She is an artist. She paints, draws, dances, acts, and loves to tell stories. One of her favorite things to do is make her brother and sister laugh. She plays kitty cat, puppy, queen, fairy princess, Jedi Knight, anything, she loves it. I see musicals in my future.
Her smile and dimples are beyond all cuteness for me. I fall in love with her all over again. Those round apple cheeks are so kissable that she has to put me on time out. I could just hold her and kiss her face all day long. Just love this little lady beyond crazy.

She is thoughtful, Emma demonstrates great compassion. There was a few days when I was not feeling well and in bed. Emma would bring me tea, sit with me and ask me how I was doing. She would hold my hand and tell me I would feel better soon. Just so caring, as Emma would say "it made my heart grow". So for her kindness I let her paint my face. It is a good thing I did not have to work the next day, I looked like a raccoon.

What can I say, for six years I have been the luckiest mom to have healthy, loving kids. These kids make those awful days I've had not feel as bad. So to my Monkeys, I love you more than luggage. ::smile:: Thank you for all the thrilling hours of loving you, making me smile, and all the belly laughs.