Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What the hell was I thinking!

I am completely mad at myself. ::sigh:: For weeks and weeks I have been waiting for the book to be published, making sure not to spoil anything for myself, taking extra time to avoid specific websites or articles. ::sigh:: Even now I am shaking my head, I was completely enthralled in writing the last post and I wanted to accurately quote one of my fondest characters in my favorite book so I went fishing a bit to get the quote correct. I post, I chuckle, I take a moment to peruse the website for a moment, after all it is the Harry Potter Lexicon, where else would I go to get the 411 on facts. Yeah, you all see this coming don't you? ::bigger, aggravated sigh:: Just wandering, looking at facts I already knew, just making my experience better and STOP!

What do my wandering eyes should see, INFORMATION I HAVE NOT READ ABOUT YET! Why? Are you kidding me? Geez, I could not look away, I was confused, intrigued, mortified, excited all at the same time. I went as far as putting my hands in front of my computer screen. How stupid does that look to people in the office? You would think I would have clicked the back button or something, no, no, I didn't do that, I covered my eyes. Yes, I am that lame. Honestly, I don't believe I should be allowed to have the book any longer. I should be sent to Azkaban, stripped of my powers, or made to clean J.K. Rowling's castle mansions as punishment.

In short, I have put myself on restriction and attempting to learn the obliviate charm to erase the information that has permanently tattooed itself to my brain. Those of you who know how much of a Harry Potter fan I am can appreciate the pained looked upon my face as I type this. If I have brought a giggle to you then I have done my job.

FYI, don't try to tempt me to tell you what I know with this new information, and no chocolate will not work.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Focus would ya!

The pressure is mounting, the number of posts is dwindling during the week, the walls are closing in, the room is becoming black. Gina, this one is for you, you are the first one to smack my hand a bit with the tiny ruler. And now for my rant.........

Let me just say to the men out there in the world, dude, you need to stay focused. When I say focused, I mean, you need to have your eye on the game at all times. It is understandable you are not mind readers, and thank God for that, some things you need to be asked but if there is a standardized schedule of events which occur every day, same bat time, same bat channel, dang it stay with the program. If you have a day off during that schedule by no means EVER think that excuses you from the duties as assigned. Don't lounge about the warm and comfortable bed, while a slightly ill wife is struggling with getting the multiple kids dressed, and then answer her question with "I am not going to fight with you". NO NO, not gonna happen. DEF CON ORANGE ALERT. Wait I think I may be shell shocked from that event. Dude something bad is gonna happen and you will be the main target.

My other question, why have you not learned from the earlier DEF CON drills to know, STAY FOCUSED! Have you ever been hit in the head by a foul ball, or flying puck? This will hurt you more, a very angry wife. Feel Me? Well, OK then.

Now while I may chastised the men a bit I do have to say there are things they can do which makes the lives of their women easier. They are good for a good giggle, especially those moments when they have made a complete goober of themselves. In my case, he takes out the garbage, I do love the fact I do not have to take out the garbage. They do this big guard dog thing around the house, pacing, checking doors and windows, making the perimeter secure. I do appreciate the fact in most times of crisis they keep the level head and know EXACTLY what to do. I do appreciate in those moments of crisis when they don't know EXACTLY what to do, they leave it to the wives to handle it. Listen, men, I am not authorized to say anymore on this subject for fear of the big head and a small door issue.

What is the point of all of this? To quote a literary character Mad Eye Moody....."Constant Vigilance!"

Currently at DEF CON BLUE, the husband is safe, for the moment........

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ode to a Mom

It has been a few days since I last made contact. I just want to say moms are pretty cool. My mom is incredible. This woman has endured two highly opinionated children, one accident prone husband, and you know what, she is still smiling. She is the great equalizer, she has the ability to balance the chaos and keep the three of us out of jail, well at least one of us, I won't name any names but those people know who they are. I am amazed still to this day and I wonder will I be able to do the same?

Being a mom is a job, it is a pleasure, it is an adventure. Of course this is only a short list of what moms are and can be, but I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever be a mom to human beings. Cats, sure, birds, yeaup, dogs, absolutely, but actual human children, what a shocker.

My friend's daughter just celebrated her 2nd birthday, and I got a chance to spend time with moms. I am humbled by moms, my friends are spectacular women. They move with grace, poise, and gentility. Their children are a pleasure to spend time and I hope to be half the mom they are.

I recently spent some one on one time with my mom. I took her to a movie and realized just how lucky I am still lives so close to me. It is strange how the relationship changes to allow for the child and the adult to be friends. She is still the MOM, and I assure you, I am in trouble more often than I can count in one week, she notifies me immediately. My mom can do a lot of cool things, she can write poetry, she can draw, she can wrestle (well only with her grandkids), she can use a computer now. I love my mom.

Monday, July 16, 2007

You want what?

So 5 am comes oh so very early, eyes riddled with sleep, breathe of a dragon, and every ache and pain you have from the previous ten years is in full swing. I remember the days when that was prime time to shower, dress, blow dry, and apply the mask of makeup that needed to last a full 10 hour day. This was a minimum of a hour job, everything had to be in place, the hair must be big, the makeup dark and colorful ( I must have used a quarter of the shadow in the container) and God forgive you if left the house without something jingling or clicking as you moved.

Now a days, I am not so sure what the blow dryer looks like or even it it works, a rubber band is my companion, and I think the make up I have is maybe five to six years old and still quite full. Now I can't see very well without the glasses so what I see in the mirror in a fluorescent light is very different and frightening in the sunlight. Many a time have I tried spit to clean off the offending attempt at making my eyes appear "doe like". No woman should be allowed to wear that much make up and honestly, don't deer get shot and they have real "doe eyes"? Somehow that seems bad. I have no concept of a beauty regime nor would it stick at this point. I am lucky if I can find clean underwear. Too much information? Well get used to it sisters, cause this is how it is at the whimsy, no holds barred.

Anyway, my daughter Emma is turning into a fashionista these days. Groggily I am brushing out her hair and encouraging her to keep brushing her teeth. I say to myself, no braids, just ponytail, simple today. I pull her hair up and she says to me, Mommy I want it higher. I say you want what? She says my hair, I want it right here, so it swishes. Swish? What?! You are critiquing my work? Your four, since when do you care how your hair looks? Geez, no matter how much you try they start early. I notice she is looking at herself in the mirror, smiling at herself, and while I know it is perfectly natural for a little girl to be just a little girl, the dread is mounting, my baby is growing up.

See it starts innocently enough, don't I look like a princess, don't you like my shoes, the next I will hear is how so and so is dating what's her face and how awful a couple they are. Two words for you.......TIMES THREE! You know what I am saying. THREE! Feel my pain? Enough said.

The thorny plants will be planted this weekend by each window and the cordless phones will be replaced with wall units. Is there another way?

All pictures courtesy of Moomp Photography. I wouldn't trust my pictures with anyone else. They are amazing photographers and friends.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter Madness

Everyone who knows me is aware of my HUGE fondness for the Harry Potter films and books. That may even be an understatement of my enjoyment. Yes, I must admit I have read the currently published series about 4 times. My husband wants to know why I don't just find a book that I have not read, I answer "because I just love the story". I have been this way since I was a kid, I find a book or movie I really like and I can watch or read over and over again. Honestly, who could not love Kenny Rogers in Six Pack? You know I do, that Anthony Micheal Hall is H * O * T!

Some would say it is a waste of time, I say I know what I like and enjoy. I am open to read or watch new movies or books, usually on the recommendation of friends. But I digress, so on that very rare occasion which occurs maybe every fifth new moon or so, I got a date night with the hubby. Of course, my choice immediately in a squeaky pre-pubescent voice was "Harry Potter?" As soon as I heard the word YES I was on it. I bought tickets for the 7 pm show at 9:30 in the morning and said BRING IT ON! Let's just say I was very excited. Enough said. That's how I roll.

Bri and I get there, get coffee, some married couple chit chat and Bri says "Oh, there is a line forming", I sprang from my chair and dragged Bri to the line. I want a good seat, at this point no one is getting in my way. We get in line and a woman, who is by herself turns to me and says, "I think that Harry is going to die in the seventh book". Wow, faced with a real Harry Potter forum poster person. Bri says "I have never stood in a line to see a movie........EVER!" This is Brian code for: I am uncomfortable with all the in depth analysis of a fictional character world that does not have hard line facts associated with the outcome and really how does this affect my life. Bri puts on a good show but I know he is secretly digging the whole thing.

Anyway, I think I scared the woman by noticing her badge from the agency she works for. I won't mention the place but it is local and very large, I have attempted to gain employment there with no avail. I think she thought I was doing some small bit of occlumency on her. Her eyes got big, took half a step back and then looked down. I was chuckling inside, but tried to bring her back to the safe zone, Harry. It went down hill from there.

We got inside the theatre, holy moly a ton of people. Some had scarfs from Gryffindor House, some just plain fanatical and there was me somewhere in the middle of it all excited like a kid to see a good movie.

I give it four stars. A must see without the small children, it is a little scary.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two Times in one day!

I wanted to share some pictures........

And away we go.........

Ok, see I got these friends, did I mention they are truely amazing people? Well, they are truely amazing people. My friends have blogs, now I am a reader so I love to read anything, especially what is going on with my friends. I have been encouraged, nudged, and simply told, "What are you waiting for?" No longer will I wait I shall begin my own family blog. I have been warned there are certain pressures put upon you when you begin this journey. But what better way to share with my friends and family, me and my family. Ok, go slow with me, I am only a beginner, and my first question is "how do I change these fonts into something I like?" Any takers?