Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter Cometh

November 2008, I have a date. I only make mention of it because of my earlier posts to this blog which you can find here. The madness is growing, the fever pitch of which I re-read my books to freshen my memory of the storyline. I know the husband is plotting, plotting to remove all reminants of Harry from the home. He's offered me other books, yeah, I tried them, but in the dark of the night, when the kids are in bed, the husband is snoring on the couch, I pull them out. Don't make me say it, you know what I am talking about.

The rigid support the cover, the thickness of the page, the distinct gold lettering on the cover. I have had many before but nothing like this. Sure take your Michael Moorecock, Douglas Adams, Philip Dick, Bukowski, Robbins, all great, I have stayed up many a night pouring over the words. All those relationships ended abruptly. They never call, not even once. He has been in my life as long as my husband. Patient, caring, needy, just what I am looking for in a relationship. How can I give him up. You want to hear me say it? Ok, I will, in a second, any minute now, you double dog daring me?! Fine, fine, have it your way, I AM A HARRY POTTER FAN AND I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD MA!

Quick peek at the "other" man in my life. Enjoy.

Friday, July 25, 2008



That is what you will experience when any of you fine wonderful folks will see me on Saturday. I will be deef, and no I did not spell beef wrong. DEEF (long "e") a dirivitive of deaf, is merely the moronic, tempoary (we hope), self imposed stupidity for attending an event which is at a 32 decibal rating. But baby how those engines ROAR!

The big man and I have the unique experience to attend, and in the pit area I might add, the NHRA qualifier round at Infieon Raceway this evening courtesy of the ever generous Caterpillar Inc. and the local Peterson Holding Caterpillar Dealership.

I will have an update for you this weekend!

Just call me Ricky Bobby!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarahbear!

This little beautiful ladybug is having a birthday. She is every bit of a little lady and then some. She is loving, she is smart, she is kind, she is snuggly, she is funny, she is daring, she is beautiful. Everything about this girl is special and I am grateful to called her Auntie. I only wish the pictures were better to show off all the cuteness in this little girl.

Happy Birthday SARAHBEAR!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Here comes some summer fun

Lurkers UNITE!

Twice, twice I tell you I have been nabbed lurking. One person even called me out with my town and state. Can't dodge that one. So from one lurker to another, I need to feel the love of my readers, all four of you. Well actually there are more readers....Woodburn, Oregon, Florida, Bellvue Washington, Steelville Missouri, Fraiser Michigan, Alpharetta Georgia, Morro Bay CA, STOCKTON, CA (yeah you folks know who you are)...... Welcome back and I don't bite. Not hard anyway. Very particular about that. Come and join the fray, even if it is just a moment to say hi!

Anywho, it seems I have been neglecting this poor site and I have been taunted into post. Yeah, yeah the world is not flat sassy miss and I have not fallen off. So now that I have called out my fellow and beloved lurkers, I will treat you with a bit of pictures.

Backstory, Fourth of July weekend and I get a wild hair and decided I want to go to the zoo. Not my local zoo, one that is 60 some miles down the road and requires a GPS unit to find our way. We had a kick ass blast, and the kids were loving it! Tigers, alligators, swinging monkeys, and huge flying foxes.