Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What is your favorite holiday memory?

The divine Miss E asked me last night to tell her a story about Christmas when as she put it "When I, me was a baby". Man the things that go through her head sometimes is amazing. Being a kid a true wonder and seeing the revving up of the holiday season in her eyes is spectacular.

It started over the Thanksgiving weekend, things in our family have been in a bit of turmoil due to health issues so it was a hard start into the season. We decided to get the kids into the mood, really getting us in the mood, but whatever works. The tree came out, lights, stockings, the whole shebang. Brian has been banned from Lowe's, he unlike the woman in the commercial, had no trouble finding noise makers, whoville clangers, and zippy kabootles. The picture that is coming to your mind is Griswald, yes a Griswald Christmas. We are just short of the squirrel in the tree only because we bought a tree in a box. Watching a six foot man bent completely over, half hidden by branches, grumbling obscenities because the stand will not pierce the tender bark of a sacrificed tree is more than I can bear this holiday season. Well, seeing him on his hands and knees is kind of nice...what was I talking about?

Oh yes, the Divine Miss E, anyway, she wanted to know something about me. I cruised through the memory banks to remember what it is about this season I like. She really made me think! What is it I like so much about this season?

1. My mom's Santa and reindeer wall hanging complete with one red 1970's twisted yarn ribbon to be the reins.
2. Unpacking the glass ornaments my mom so carefully and tenderly wrapped in newspaper.
3. Sitting in a dark room with my mom and dad completely still with the twinkle of the colored lights bouncing off the walls, with the smell of hot chocolate in the background.
4. My dad going through the presents and shaking all of his boxes prior to opening them and telling us what they are.....he was always right!
5. The noise, the noise of twenty people in the same room laughing, hugging, enjoying each other and each year it gets bigger.
6. The idea that magic still exists.

More to come.