Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emma's Spring Pageant

I was not fortunate enough to be able to make her spring pageant so I am grateful to Brian for taking these pictures. I know they are a little fuzzy but Em was dressed up as a ladybug and her group sang the song "She's a lady". This is more of a reason to have my own business with my own hours. Stuff like this comes once around and I am missing it. DOH!


  1. Uh, so you mention me by Name only to associate the poor quality of the pictures to...

    But ya, you need to remember to place your "waddlewhimsey" tag on the graphics, photos, and items you've been making.

  2. I was saying thank you to YOU for taking pictures at an event I was not able to attend. In a reasonable world i would rather be there to take pictures. I am jealous of the freedom you have to attend more events than i could over the past year. She is only in kindergarten once, i missed most of it.


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