Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Check it!

There are a few sites I go to enhance my my knowledge that I know nothing about photography. I learn stuff, some things way over my head and others makes for some cool stuff. Anyway, this photographer, Zack Arias (Atlanta based photographer) was a guest blogger on a website run by Scott Kelby who is a Photoshop Guru. The visual is stunning, I even turned the sound off and just watched the pictorial story and was moved. There are some great, creative artists out there. Check them out.

Just call me TECH-GIRL! ::Updated::

I am testing out a new feature to make updates to my blog a bit quicker. Wowzer, technology is amazing.

UPDATED: I am goofing around this morning, because we all know that Tuesdays are just as bad as Mondays for productivity. The little diddy above is a test of my new phone and my critical thinking skills. Oh, and the ability to use a keyboard the size of a dime. So as you can see the little test was successful.

What was I testing? SMS, I say. Now I have just opened up myself to blog about something, anything, anywhere I happened to be because this snazzy new phone I have will allow me to do such things. Please view the animal of which I speak!
Mobile blogging, who knew I was capable of such things. I know, for some of you techie-chic people, I hear the collected "psssts and pishaws" but listen, this is big for me. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday My Em! ::UPDATED::

Oh Lawd, help me. This is a sight I am not ready to see!

This weekend was filled with happiness and celebrations. My little girl is not so little any more. This weekend she arrived at her 6th birthday. When I look back, and picture in my head the little chubby cheeked baby in my arms I never imagined how fast it came to pass. She is a young lady/girl. Loving, funny, goofy, silly, and oh so smart. I love this little girl to the moon and back and that is not even half of how I feel about her.

We spent most of the late morning at the park with a few of her school friends, riding the amusement rides, eating cake, and generally being silly gooses. I am one lucky mommy. I silently watched the devouring of the cupcakes slathered with fun frosting and princesses. I almost picked up Bitsy and licked her face like a Popsicle to remove all the extraneous frosting she was storing on her face for later. I didn't, but I had dreams about it later.

Later in the day, after much needed naps, the family (Moomps and Pfeifles) came over for grub and good times. The kids ran, played dress up, ate cupcakes, again Bitsy was a little to fast for me to catch and lick her face. It was a warm and wonderful time. Thank you to all for helping celebrate my baby girl's birthday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bring Laurie Berkner to Town

This woman and her band make my kids dance and sing. I first saw her on Noggin when Em was little. She is great and the music is fun. To get her to play in our area you gotta "Demand IT" come on it is easy. So far, I am the only one requesting her band to come to town!

Demand Laurie Berkner Band in Stockton!
Laurie Berkner Band in Stockton - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all Stockton events on Eventful

No longer hanging with the Dodo Birds

You may have thought I have gone the way of the Dodo but alas I have only been hibernating. It is one of those periods where I have a lot on my mind but really nothing to say. I think I have gotten in the habit of posting pictures rather than writing. Avoidance, a theme in my life, which is always a detriment to me.

Anyway, let's start with health. Geez, my health fluctuates like Dow Jones. Way back in October I attempted to turn a new leaf on this subject, specifically eating better. Typical fashion, I would feed my kids better food than I was willing to eat. Remember the old adage monkey see, monkey do? Well, came to bite me in the ass three or four times. Whoever thinks that kids don't pay attention to the littlest things that adults do day in and day out is deluded. I am eating better. I am feeding my kids better when I get the opportunity to cook them meals which is limited to the weekends.

I get some of the stuff to stick in their brains. Carrots good, celery good, broccoli good, marshmallows GOOD! Ok, so I let them have some treats, but it is monitored. My kids, I mean they are great kids, they don't ask for soda, they drink primarily water, some juice, and milk. If I have done anything good, the water thing is HUGE for me. If I get them ice cream I try to get the sugar free stuff, it tastes the same, or sugar free Popsicles. Kids like what you like for the most part. Their tastes change so quickly I need to step the menu up a notch.

As for me, still on a tough trail. I gave up my soda, I am a recovering soda addict. Gave up any resemblance of the foods my twisted fundus craved. Come to find out my fundus had bamboozled my stop eating mechanism more often than not so the result was, well obvious, PHAT. The fundus can't take all the credit, I just like, well like is not strong enough word, how about.....
ache for, covet, cry out for, die for, dream, eat one's heart out, fancy, give eyeteeth for, hunger for, itch for, long for, lust after, need, pine for, require, sigh for, spoil for, thirst for, want, yearn for, yen for

all those wonderful tasting foods that nutritionally are not good for me. But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and carbohydrates is the sun!

What makes all of this soooo bitter sweet is that I KNOW what I am supposed to eat, I KNOW I am supposed to exercise so many times a week, I know this and yet I still sit on my ass. Avoidance, yet again. On the upside, I am eating better, not as much food consumed during each meal and I feel great. I have managed to lose 26 pounds. I did not do this all on my own I had some help but the end result is that I feel better and the kids notice it too. Exercising? Well that is a whole other post.

Just some thoughts for today.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I am alive!

I am breathing, although not blogging, I will put mind to computer soon. Thanks for being patient.