Friday, August 21, 2009

TMI Moment, I know....

Ok, I am sharing this only because, well, you guys are my friends and friends don't judge.

So, I am feeling sort of sassy today, nice shirt and pants, hair is looking pretty good, and I sit down at my desk surveying the work to be done. I happen to run my hand over my neck/collarbone area and feel something poking from my skin. What the hell is that? Did I have a piece of food, a booger, stuck to my skin? So I promptly grabbed hold of the object and pulled. I grabbed my hand mirror to inspect what the hell is going on. Geezus Louezzus, it is a frickin grey chest hair.

How long has that bad boy been hanging out there? What did my body suddenly decided the estrogen wasn't enough? Ok, Ok, I get the hair on the upper lip thing, I get the occasionally hair under the chin, but the chest? Come on man, it is not like I don't have enough issues to deal with while I am getting OLD!

So, there it is. My TMI moment for the whole world to read. I, Whimsy, had a grey chest hair. Just sayin'.

Whatcha got growing on you?


  1. Let me just say - when you next go to a salon because you finally succumb to the idea that you have too much unwanted hair to maintain by yourself, and the nice woman suggests THREADING as the method of hair removal - say no. Say no loudly, proudly and emphatically!

    THREADING HURTS! I cried the whole time. But, I have to say, my upper lip is now that of a 12 year old. My legs on the otherhand...

  2. I would have fallen dead away! Pluck it, wax it, RUN FROM IT!

  3. Loving the support! I feel loads better!

    - Whimsy


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