Thursday, July 30, 2009

The wailings of a 1st grader's mother

It's coming, the month of August is approaching quickly. Some of you would ask, what is so special about August. August is a nice month, still quite warm, still plenty of days for swimming, doesn't get dark until after eight at night. Sure, that is all swell, but that is not the reason I am grousing about August.

August, Latin origin, the eighth month on the Gregorian calendar originally named for the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar in 8 BC. August was originally known as sextilus on the Roman calendar. But I digress, with the approach of the month of August this means there will be only 17 days before she wakes up, gets ready for school, AND STARTS THE FIRST GRADE! HOLY COW FOLKS THIS IS BIG!

Has time sped up? Have I dropped into a worm hole? What the hell, my kid will in the first grade and I have turned 40. These things, my age and she starting first grade, are to the best of my feeble mind not compatible.

I look at her and she is different. I think I must reconcile with myself there are many, many more events to which I will look at my dear, darling daughter and not recognize her. I am still looking for the pudgy cheeked baby and before me is a strong, agile little girl. I am not sure my heart can take it. I am as nervous as a cat on a block of ice in the middle of a pond. New teacher, new kids, more opportunity for her to become independent of me. I want to keep her snuggled under my arm, kissing her forehead.

So I am taking suggestions. How do I keep her little. Is that an option? This is legal right?

Help me,

Disenchanted, discombobulated parent in the burbs

P.S. Please send all sympathy cash, gift cards to me. Do not, I repeat do not put The Husband's name on any of the envelopes. Really, just send it to the P.O. Box I have provided, he doesn't have the number or any idea the mailbox exists.

P.S.S. Just in case for those who may have put The Husband's name on the envelope, or if The Husband happens to read this entry, please don't make multiple mention of the incoming envelope. He has a short attention span and really if a squirrel would run by the window he will be distracted and days will pass before he senses there may have been something he missed.

P.S.S.S. To the husband, you really didn't read anything. OH LOOOK!!! A SQUIRREL!


  1. HA-Ha, No worries mate. By the way, have you seen that 100G's that was in the joint....Hey!? was that a squirrel? Maybe it was a weasel.
    uhm, what was I saying?...

  2. Oh, I was saying. Consider it my payment without prejudice. : }


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