Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joys of summer?

The joy of siblings.....when joy is on target wonderful things happen.  It is almost magical.  When the joy is absent, look out.  This happens to be one of the moments when the joy was present in abundance.  There was a brief break in the weather where the kids, after successful persuasion speeches, got a chance to use the lawn pool.  Happy as three little clams in the sea.  This will be a permanent fixture as the summer drones on.  I may just partake in the festivities.  Note to self....find a swimsuit that fits. Yikes, not a prospect I am looking forward to fulfill.

This is what is was like just a few days before. Hail the size of doughnuts...hmmmm...doughnuts. Oh yeah I don't eat doughnuts anymore. Unusual weather for sure this time of year but hey I can't say I am not enjoying the coolness.

This is my mother trapped in the car.  Now mind you, there were two other able bodied adults in the house (my brother and myself) to rescue this poor little grandma from the weather. See her little body sitting in the car waiting for the weather to let up?  Poor, poor little grandma.  Now you would think a young, strapping young man (son) would rescue his mother.  Apparently this is not the case in my family.  LOL She just had to settle for her eldest child rescue her from the weather.
I think we should focus on this happy image, better weather, cuter subjects.  Summer here we come!

Follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness. ~ A. Ginsberg

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