Thursday, May 20, 2010

Very bad attempt at poetry!

I looked into the mirror today and what did I see? An old woman in glasses looking at me.
Gray hair on the temples, a wrinkle or two.
Oh dear I may have to slab on a bottle of lotion or two
to smooth those ever deepening lines I see.

A chin hair, maybe one on the chest,
forever and a day I am plucking the beasts.
Is this how it is to be 41?

Sigh, yes I believe there are still more to come.
Ah, but the bright silver lining is held in my Abbie, Ethan and Emma Kat faces.
They are the key to exotic places of fancy and whimsy, a whole lot of fun.
It is the best to be 41!


  1. I use THREE bottles of lotion and there have been NO results. Just sayin'. Screw the lines, love the children.

    Love you!

  2. The beauty of a Women
    her Soul, her Heart, her Mind
    they manifest not in a mirrors reflection
    but are reflected in her life
    her succeses, her steadfastness, her reason
    In each season of her life


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