Friday, June 11, 2010

May I have your attention, please.......

It has begun! This morning 6:30 am PST the anticipated televised event has finally begun!  I am soooooo excited I can't stand it! 

The World Cup is up on my must see events like the Olympics or the NCAA Women's Softball World Series.  I am drawn like a moth to the flame, every inch of my body is ramped up for pure competition.  This morning did not let me down.

The opening match was between Mexico and the host country South Africa.  The stadium pitch BUZZED, literally, from a packed stadium of locals and visiting fans.  Just an incredible sight, I almost wanted to call in sick to work!  I didn't, but I did get to hear the game and could hardly stay still in my seat. 

It is wonderful to see the opening match be played with skill, respect, and pure joy.  The countryside is beautiful, the people are beautiful, and I would give my eye teeth to just be in South Africa in one of the stadium cheering the players on.  Even though both teams took the draw, IT IS ON!  Later today will be a match up of France and Uraguay (Grp A).  VIVE LA FRANCE!  Tomorrow we will see England vs USA (Grp C), Nigeria vs Argentina (Grp B), and Greece vs  Korea (Grp B).

Even if you are not an avid follower, this is something you should take a little time to see, simply amazing on all aspects.  I know you find yourself cheering, you just can't help it!

Stay Tuned!
Follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness.
 ~ A. Ginsberg

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