Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Talk about waiting until the last minute!

Did you catch the last USA game this morning? What a nail biter!  So the USA team struggled through group match the last two weeks to come to this one final match, a do or die moment.  USA must have a win to move on the final 16 in the second stage of the World Cup.  A draw would be a heartbreak and leave this team ranked third in their group with no further hopes of the cup in sight.

Drama, right?!  I think I was on the verge of a heart attack!  If any of you know me and my family, well how do I put this gently.....ok we are just maniacs when it comes to sporting events.  Generational the behavior lessens, but not by much.  My dad, the WORST, me, let's just say I am my father's daughter, my brother is the more composed of the two, my Em, very empathetic to the OTHER team.  C'est la vie!

Back to the game, so much on the line and this USA team is fighting back.  For a second time the team was disallowed a goal for a non existent foul, but with every hit of the goal post, missed pass, tripping, it finally happened.  The late goal in the 91st minute of the game put the team on top.  Do you realize how hard it was to keep myself in control where I was at?  I should win an Oscar for self control, or at the very least a completion certificate.

Congratulations TEAM USA!  Landon Donovan you ROCK!

Follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness. ~ A. Ginsberg

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