Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reinventing myself

How many times a day do I think about how to make myself a better person. Well, man I have hit the pay dirt. I have found a book that will send my on my way, the promise land here I come!

If ever there was someone out there looking out for me, then this book was written for me. It could have been written for you but it wasn't. Only for me, because really it is only about me right? Is there anyone else as important? I don't think so and really my opinion is the one that really matters in the this world built for me.

So if you think you are up to it, meaning trying to reach the top rung where I will be, go ahead and try but honestly do you really think you'll make it?


  1. Now you guys all know I am kidding, right? I think the book topic is funny, the article was at least. Come on, WORK WITH ME!

  2. OMFG!!! You SLAY ME!!! I went to read the excerpts... ( saying wtf alot) And It took me all day to ponder exactly what I was coming back to say to you on the subject... ( all self righteousy)
    And I read your comment! OMFG!!!
    Nutbar!!! I love that about you! You can stay.

  3. LOL! Kymn-y bear (cause everyone is a bear now) - you funny girl. I lub you.

    Gina Bear - at least you were going to attempt a comment - I slowly backed away like the coward I am! :) Luve you both!

  4. Good Lord you guys! I was getting a little nervous, I kept thinking "geez do they really think I am going there?" COME ON! LOL I am glad you guys got a kick out of it like I did. I guess I should realize the power of the written word.

    Love you all!


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