Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Prince to the rescue...

Em has been in birthday heaven for a week now. We had a party for her last weekend knowing that we would all be gone on her actual birthday. Well, she got the birthday tiara and some awesome stuff. This stuff is so awesome I want to sneak away and play by myself. What is really cool is that the gifts totally fit Em's personality and artsy fartsy side. I love that there are other people who get her. She is a cool kid.

Anyway, her auntie brought over their gift which was a pink splash of princess get up, the shoes, crowns, jewelery, handbag, the total package of Sleeping Beauty. The girls went wild, now there were extra tiaras for the girls to share and the girls started stripping off their clothes before I could get the package open. And then there was big man. He says "I want a crown", I say "oh buddy I don't have a prince crown, these are for girls". The boo boo lip came out and I quickly diverted him to the pirate sword. "Look, you can be the prince with this sword" I say, and that was all it took.

His cousin strapped on a dinosaur tail and pretended to be a dragon which he promptly slayed (by poking her in the hind quarters repeatedly) over and over again to wisk his princess to safety on his noble steed.

And here is the slaying of the dragon......
See the lovely princess

The warning to the dragon

The princess approving of the tactics

Riding off on the noble steed

Enjoying the sights
Lo and behold the dragon reappears
Down you foul beast
(ie. Don't touch my sister)
I am victorious!

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  1. i loved it he's so heroic emma so in character oh ya and the dragon was spectacular lol lol rotfl

    love the **dragon**


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