Thursday, April 24, 2008

24 hours 15 minutes and 11 seconds

It sounds like a longitude and latitude but really that is the amount of time I have left to get 2 kids and 2 adults ready to hit the skies for the East coast. The actual longitude and latitude for New York City at JFK is 40° 39' N 73° 47' W. This is for those GPS geeks who need something to track. Scared, excited, and hoping to take some amazing pictures of the kids on this trip. I guess I am paying for my own on location session. But on to more intersting things.

I was chilling with my best friend yesterday and she had me in stitches. Story tellers are rare and really good story tellers are more rare, she and hubby are particulary special. I can't convey effectively how many of our conversations end up in sore cheeks (get yer minds out of the gutter) or pains in my stomach because I am rolling on the floor laughing till I can't breathe. I swear we should be dating. Cream to the cheese, pea to the pod, snort to the laugh. It just goes well together like a fine wine really, aged in oak, bottled in sass, distributed locally.

I find her inspirational, innovative, creative, soulful, and dear. I love her with all my heart and lucky to have her in my life. If I had an millimeter of her quick wit what I wouldn't be able to do.

All my friends are special for very different reasons, but the common denominator is they are ALL outstanding human beings and they get me. I am surrounded by safety and wouldn't want any other way. Thank you for getting me, thank you for loving me ( I know some days are harder than others), and thank you most importantly for being you!

See you chicklets next week, a must do coffee night is in order!

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