Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthdays all around!

Dear Friends and occasional readers please help me celebrate a few more birthdays, three to be exact. Lets rewind a bit in the month.

I spoke with a very wise woman this morning, she in her subtle way reminded me that no matter how painful a particular life event is, never turtle shell up in the grief or pain of it. So I think you are wondering what does this have to do with birthday celebrations?

I have a man in my life who is a hero to me. He did not save a cat from a tree (he has cut himself out of a few), put out a fire in a house (although he has started a few of his own), or catch any criminals (I'll leave this thought out). Why this man is a hero is that from day one I came into this world he has provided a home, food on the table, an education, values, morals, opinions (not always popular but they are still mine), and most importantly a family to love and be loved by. My dad may not physically be in my life but you bet there is not a day that I don't hear him talking to me. As I right these words I feel my heart and eyes are filling with tears of joy, laughter, honor and sadness of his untimely passing. Honestly is any one's passing timely?

My dad revered family as one important assets in one's life. He may have made mistakes but the end result is and always was keep your family close. I keep my dad close to my heart and no matter how bad of a day I have or lonely I feel he is there. Man this is hard to write. I didn't think I would be feeling so vulnerable, geez. Anyway, our family did something I think is really cool. My mom had this idea so we wrote down a special message for Dad's birthday, kids included, put them into a balloon and filled it with helium. My eldest daughter is the only kid who remembers my dad and made sure we sang happy birthday to him. We gathered in the backyard with all our hands on the balloon and then let it go at dusk. We all watched the balloon rise higher and higher in the sky, as Emma said "getting closer and closer to grandpa", it nearly broke my heart.

Now there is a another happy birthday, today as a matter of fact, of one spectacular woman. She is fearless, smart, innovative, loving, loyal, and someone I have always secretly wanted grow up an be like. I think it was inevitable that some of that sass that goes with the kick ass personality has rubbed off and I am proud to wear it. I come from a long line of kick some ass and take the names later lineage. And wouldn't you know it, she is my dad's sister, Auntie Barbara! I speak of Nick as my only brother but really my cousins are my brother and sister too. I grew up with them through the horribly fashion deprived seventies, and the unruly neon of the eighties. I just love them, they are stars to me. Oh, uh, Uncle Bill, try not to fill the Husband's head with too many of those ideas that women's heads can be rolled up like deflated balloons and put in a bag for later? Huh? Could ya? I know, I know, boobs without heads, I get it. :o) Listen, I love you no matter what ole man!

I want to let you all know about a special little girl whose 5th birthday has arrived before I could even blink. Mums and Dads, you know of what I speak. Before I know it I will be writing about her going off to college or getting married. Oh Lord give me strength to pull the shot gun trigger at any suitor attempting to take my girl. Honestly thought, all I care about is that she find anyone who will treat her with respect and love her for all the faults I have instilled in her personality. She is going to be tough and I know I will need to set aside some couples counseling money aside for who ever she chooses to live her life with. I am hoping for a cat.

Oh wait, we are talking about a five year old. I got a little ahead of myself. Wow, she is five and every bit as wonderful I thought she would be. I can't get enough of that little face, I want to kiss it all the time and tell her how much I love her. I tell her when I was wishing for an Emma to come into my life, she is exactly what I needed. MUSH ALERT! She and her sister will be dressing like princesses, with crowns, when we fly out on Friday.

So in short, please sing a joyous punk rock Happy Birthday to Andy, Auntie Barbara and the Divine Miss E! I love you all so much!


  1. Ok - Where's the tissue? Babe - you are amazing! Thank you so much for pushing through and posting this post. I know it is filled with more emotion than one should allow themself at one time, but thank you. With each of your words you teach me of what is important in this life. Every minute I fight with the ones I love (ok, anyone) is a minute wasted. Thank you for putting this moment into perspective for me.

    I raise my cup of coffee with you in honoring your dad (if I may be so presumptious, my dad too). He IS an amazing person and continues to watch over each of us. I know it. I feel it. When you spoke of how your family was going to celebrate him, his presence was the strongest I felt in awhile. He was way cool with that. My family was going to join yours, but something held us back. I think it was Andy. I think he knew we were honoring him, Kim, Sarah, Harmony, and I. But I also think he knew that what you guys were doing - was something that he wanted all to himself :)

    I love you!

    Auntie Barbara - met her like three times - the woman leaves an impression! Ok, besides she is totally hot, she is such a vibrant woman! Happy Birthday to this woman who impresses.

    And by no means last - Emma baby. Whew. FIVE?! Didn't you just have her? She was beautiful in all her tiara glory. You do need a shotgun - we joke - but actually - I think we need four amongst all of us!!! FOUR GUNS! FENCES! BARBED WIRE!

    I love you sis. And back to the beginning - thank you. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. was that suppose to be an email!?! LOL! Good thing these comment thingies don't have character limits!

  3. Happy Birthdys all around from one who is now on her 6th hankie. I loved the balloon idea.... Walt and I so much enjoyed Andy's company..what a character we miss... I'm so glad you are close to your Aunt... its important. And Emma? I'm sure she will be fiercly independant and carry her own weapons:)
    ok i think i better go find my 7th


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