Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Little Literary Poking at ........

People often ask, and it is not those who know me, "are you going to have just one more?" I emphatically answer "NO! I at my parenting limit with the four I have." Four? I can see the wheels clicking, and you are saying to yourself "she has never spoke of four children."

Well folks you have missed the eldest of my group, yes the one who can usually dress himself, shower on his own, and sometimes shave. The Husband.

I was reading this morning a article which sites a University of Michigan study that husbands create 7 hours more housework a week. Is this true? Can it be? I think I may have to put that hypothesis to the test this week.

So folks, I am going to chart every crumpled paper towel I find, the herds of dirty socks I find cowering at the end of the bed under the covers, the increased inches to the pile of laundry in the corner, the shedded damp towels inching their way out and off the bathroom floor, how many days the new toilet paper roll will sit on top of the empty toilet paper roll in the holder, and how long it takes me to locate the multiple remotes required to use the TV. I am sure my chart will be longer, I may have to use legal size paper to fit them all.

My fellow women, wives, girlfriends, I vow to research the claim of additional seven, count them, seven hours of housework provided by male force in the household. I vow to be unbiased in my research, I vow to use statistical data for the good of womanhood, I vow to find some light at the end of the tunnel of laundry! (Fervent fist thrusting in the air, blind intensity in the eyes)



  1. only 7? PISHAW>>>>>>>me thinks much more!
    I have 5 children,one large, one less:( ( scuse me while i still try to accept)
    On my last tyrant of 17 dirty towels on Monday, he finally listens and uses less than half now! PHEW! My next rant is going to be the chinese laundry going on in the living room...grunt. Good Luck with training the 4th..:::wink:::

  2. YOU AND THE G-LICIOUS BOTH NEED YOUR OWN DARN COLUMN! I am just sayin' you cracked me up - laughed out loud, had to read three times in same day just for the giggle. And yes, I agree with G - only 7?!?!


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