Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What the hell was I thinking!

I am completely mad at myself. ::sigh:: For weeks and weeks I have been waiting for the book to be published, making sure not to spoil anything for myself, taking extra time to avoid specific websites or articles. ::sigh:: Even now I am shaking my head, I was completely enthralled in writing the last post and I wanted to accurately quote one of my fondest characters in my favorite book so I went fishing a bit to get the quote correct. I post, I chuckle, I take a moment to peruse the website for a moment, after all it is the Harry Potter Lexicon, where else would I go to get the 411 on facts. Yeah, you all see this coming don't you? ::bigger, aggravated sigh:: Just wandering, looking at facts I already knew, just making my experience better and STOP!

What do my wandering eyes should see, INFORMATION I HAVE NOT READ ABOUT YET! Why? Are you kidding me? Geez, I could not look away, I was confused, intrigued, mortified, excited all at the same time. I went as far as putting my hands in front of my computer screen. How stupid does that look to people in the office? You would think I would have clicked the back button or something, no, no, I didn't do that, I covered my eyes. Yes, I am that lame. Honestly, I don't believe I should be allowed to have the book any longer. I should be sent to Azkaban, stripped of my powers, or made to clean J.K. Rowling's castle mansions as punishment.

In short, I have put myself on restriction and attempting to learn the obliviate charm to erase the information that has permanently tattooed itself to my brain. Those of you who know how much of a Harry Potter fan I am can appreciate the pained looked upon my face as I type this. If I have brought a giggle to you then I have done my job.

FYI, don't try to tempt me to tell you what I know with this new information, and no chocolate will not work.


  1. LOLOLOLOL I am sooooo sorry that happened - I KNOW how much this book has been your prized possession and how much you have loved every spare moment to yourself to read it and be carried away into a different world for just a little while... and now BAM! I am sorry. :)

    The visual is quite funny though!

    and yes.. Kim finished it. Granted, no dishes, dinner, laundry, trash, baths for Sarah, etc... all of that was tossed to the wayside because of the BOOK!

    You both are so damned cute.

  2. I haven't even read the last one yet! Nor have I had time to buy the new one.

    Kymn you did just make me laugh. I am sitting here shaking my head at you.


  3. Hey now...it was the LAST book...and I did help with the back yard mowing on the second of the 3 1/2 day read. But yeah....kinda got carried away for a minute...sorry :) LOLOL...

    Kymn...it is a good read and you will like the end...at least I can say I did. Rowling did a good job of wrapping up all the loose ends. I hate it when they leave all those loose ends laying about. Bloody brilliant!

    Let me know when ya finish and I will send ya the extra skinny of the characters after the book...from Rowling herself ;)


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