Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And away we go.........

Ok, see I got these friends, did I mention they are truely amazing people? Well, they are truely amazing people. My friends have blogs, now I am a reader so I love to read anything, especially what is going on with my friends. I have been encouraged, nudged, and simply told, "What are you waiting for?" No longer will I wait I shall begin my own family blog. I have been warned there are certain pressures put upon you when you begin this journey. But what better way to share with my friends and family, me and my family. Ok, go slow with me, I am only a beginner, and my first question is "how do I change these fonts into something I like?" Any takers?

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  1. Well, you are kind of limited to the choices, but if you got to your layout, there are tabs at the top and one of them is fonts and colors. Again, the choices are limited (darn it).

    BUT! MORE IMPORTANTLY - WELCOME TO BLOG WORLD! I am so glad you have joined us freaks! I personally am stoked that you are here because I think you write beautifully and I love all the smart stuff you have in your brain - and this is a place to let it out!! SO I CAN SEE ::read::!!

    Glad you are here :) I miss you.


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