Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter Madness

Everyone who knows me is aware of my HUGE fondness for the Harry Potter films and books. That may even be an understatement of my enjoyment. Yes, I must admit I have read the currently published series about 4 times. My husband wants to know why I don't just find a book that I have not read, I answer "because I just love the story". I have been this way since I was a kid, I find a book or movie I really like and I can watch or read over and over again. Honestly, who could not love Kenny Rogers in Six Pack? You know I do, that Anthony Micheal Hall is H * O * T!

Some would say it is a waste of time, I say I know what I like and enjoy. I am open to read or watch new movies or books, usually on the recommendation of friends. But I digress, so on that very rare occasion which occurs maybe every fifth new moon or so, I got a date night with the hubby. Of course, my choice immediately in a squeaky pre-pubescent voice was "Harry Potter?" As soon as I heard the word YES I was on it. I bought tickets for the 7 pm show at 9:30 in the morning and said BRING IT ON! Let's just say I was very excited. Enough said. That's how I roll.

Bri and I get there, get coffee, some married couple chit chat and Bri says "Oh, there is a line forming", I sprang from my chair and dragged Bri to the line. I want a good seat, at this point no one is getting in my way. We get in line and a woman, who is by herself turns to me and says, "I think that Harry is going to die in the seventh book". Wow, faced with a real Harry Potter forum poster person. Bri says "I have never stood in a line to see a movie........EVER!" This is Brian code for: I am uncomfortable with all the in depth analysis of a fictional character world that does not have hard line facts associated with the outcome and really how does this affect my life. Bri puts on a good show but I know he is secretly digging the whole thing.

Anyway, I think I scared the woman by noticing her badge from the agency she works for. I won't mention the place but it is local and very large, I have attempted to gain employment there with no avail. I think she thought I was doing some small bit of occlumency on her. Her eyes got big, took half a step back and then looked down. I was chuckling inside, but tried to bring her back to the safe zone, Harry. It went down hill from there.

We got inside the theatre, holy moly a ton of people. Some had scarfs from Gryffindor House, some just plain fanatical and there was me somewhere in the middle of it all excited like a kid to see a good movie.

I give it four stars. A must see without the small children, it is a little scary.


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  1. I LOVE YOU!!! lol - You make me laugh, grin, chuckle, and snort :) I could see you in the line... thanks for writing so that I could be there with you!


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