Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ode to a Mom

It has been a few days since I last made contact. I just want to say moms are pretty cool. My mom is incredible. This woman has endured two highly opinionated children, one accident prone husband, and you know what, she is still smiling. She is the great equalizer, she has the ability to balance the chaos and keep the three of us out of jail, well at least one of us, I won't name any names but those people know who they are. I am amazed still to this day and I wonder will I be able to do the same?

Being a mom is a job, it is a pleasure, it is an adventure. Of course this is only a short list of what moms are and can be, but I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever be a mom to human beings. Cats, sure, birds, yeaup, dogs, absolutely, but actual human children, what a shocker.

My friend's daughter just celebrated her 2nd birthday, and I got a chance to spend time with moms. I am humbled by moms, my friends are spectacular women. They move with grace, poise, and gentility. Their children are a pleasure to spend time and I hope to be half the mom they are.

I recently spent some one on one time with my mom. I took her to a movie and realized just how lucky I am still lives so close to me. It is strange how the relationship changes to allow for the child and the adult to be friends. She is still the MOM, and I assure you, I am in trouble more often than I can count in one week, she notifies me immediately. My mom can do a lot of cool things, she can write poetry, she can draw, she can wrestle (well only with her grandkids), she can use a computer now. I love my mom.


  1. Your mom ROCKS!!! You are also an amazing mom. You run heard on 3 to my 1, well my 2 really.

    I am right there with you though, I am waiting for Poop's really parents to show up anytime. Never did I think that I would be a parent to a real live person, dog yes, human no.


  2. I look at you young moms now and wonder how the hell I ever managed 4... I really cant? I think God gave me what I needed then, and now, I dont need it anymore so... its gone?

  3. Nah ain't's buried...DEEP! File that away as what was I thinking?!? and did I really do that?!? I can relate LOL ;)

    Li'l Kymn...You have an awesome mom...and I respect any woman who would even try to tame the likes of Andy. What a character! LOL...she is a strong mom and good example for you...lift a cup and God bless to all the strong moms out there...where would any of us be without them? Probably stuck in a water tank up on a hill! \;')

  4. I love your mom too! After all, she is also a grandma to my kid! :) I love you Paulette - all your patience, your kindness, your strength, and your softness... I just love ya! And Kymn... you follow in her steps. I love you too, sis!


  5. OK, u guys are KILLIN me with coffee invites!!!

    Hey, How many times will I clic here and not find a new blogette???


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