Monday, July 30, 2007

Focus would ya!

The pressure is mounting, the number of posts is dwindling during the week, the walls are closing in, the room is becoming black. Gina, this one is for you, you are the first one to smack my hand a bit with the tiny ruler. And now for my rant.........

Let me just say to the men out there in the world, dude, you need to stay focused. When I say focused, I mean, you need to have your eye on the game at all times. It is understandable you are not mind readers, and thank God for that, some things you need to be asked but if there is a standardized schedule of events which occur every day, same bat time, same bat channel, dang it stay with the program. If you have a day off during that schedule by no means EVER think that excuses you from the duties as assigned. Don't lounge about the warm and comfortable bed, while a slightly ill wife is struggling with getting the multiple kids dressed, and then answer her question with "I am not going to fight with you". NO NO, not gonna happen. DEF CON ORANGE ALERT. Wait I think I may be shell shocked from that event. Dude something bad is gonna happen and you will be the main target.

My other question, why have you not learned from the earlier DEF CON drills to know, STAY FOCUSED! Have you ever been hit in the head by a foul ball, or flying puck? This will hurt you more, a very angry wife. Feel Me? Well, OK then.

Now while I may chastised the men a bit I do have to say there are things they can do which makes the lives of their women easier. They are good for a good giggle, especially those moments when they have made a complete goober of themselves. In my case, he takes out the garbage, I do love the fact I do not have to take out the garbage. They do this big guard dog thing around the house, pacing, checking doors and windows, making the perimeter secure. I do appreciate the fact in most times of crisis they keep the level head and know EXACTLY what to do. I do appreciate in those moments of crisis when they don't know EXACTLY what to do, they leave it to the wives to handle it. Listen, men, I am not authorized to say anymore on this subject for fear of the big head and a small door issue.

What is the point of all of this? To quote a literary character Mad Eye Moody....."Constant Vigilance!"

Currently at DEF CON BLUE, the husband is safe, for the moment........


  1. Hey, I left a comment, did u get it?

  2. I read all your comments, thank you very much. Missing your laugh!

  3. ahhhhh I see what happened to it.....................ROFL, Miss u too:)


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