Monday, July 16, 2007

You want what?

So 5 am comes oh so very early, eyes riddled with sleep, breathe of a dragon, and every ache and pain you have from the previous ten years is in full swing. I remember the days when that was prime time to shower, dress, blow dry, and apply the mask of makeup that needed to last a full 10 hour day. This was a minimum of a hour job, everything had to be in place, the hair must be big, the makeup dark and colorful ( I must have used a quarter of the shadow in the container) and God forgive you if left the house without something jingling or clicking as you moved.

Now a days, I am not so sure what the blow dryer looks like or even it it works, a rubber band is my companion, and I think the make up I have is maybe five to six years old and still quite full. Now I can't see very well without the glasses so what I see in the mirror in a fluorescent light is very different and frightening in the sunlight. Many a time have I tried spit to clean off the offending attempt at making my eyes appear "doe like". No woman should be allowed to wear that much make up and honestly, don't deer get shot and they have real "doe eyes"? Somehow that seems bad. I have no concept of a beauty regime nor would it stick at this point. I am lucky if I can find clean underwear. Too much information? Well get used to it sisters, cause this is how it is at the whimsy, no holds barred.

Anyway, my daughter Emma is turning into a fashionista these days. Groggily I am brushing out her hair and encouraging her to keep brushing her teeth. I say to myself, no braids, just ponytail, simple today. I pull her hair up and she says to me, Mommy I want it higher. I say you want what? She says my hair, I want it right here, so it swishes. Swish? What?! You are critiquing my work? Your four, since when do you care how your hair looks? Geez, no matter how much you try they start early. I notice she is looking at herself in the mirror, smiling at herself, and while I know it is perfectly natural for a little girl to be just a little girl, the dread is mounting, my baby is growing up.

See it starts innocently enough, don't I look like a princess, don't you like my shoes, the next I will hear is how so and so is dating what's her face and how awful a couple they are. Two words for you.......TIMES THREE! You know what I am saying. THREE! Feel my pain? Enough said.

The thorny plants will be planted this weekend by each window and the cordless phones will be replaced with wall units. Is there another way?

All pictures courtesy of Moomp Photography. I wouldn't trust my pictures with anyone else. They are amazing photographers and friends.


  1. Wiping tears of laughter and tears of pain...LOL!! I love you sister, it's gonna be ok :) 'cause we are just going to lock them all in a barn someday - that's how it's goin' down!

    I can relate a little - Sarah said, "No Daddy" when he brought in her shoes - "dirty". LOL!! What?!?! A little dirt on the toe and they aren't wearable?!?! I don't think so... Sheesh! TWO!! SHE IS TWO!!!!


  3. I ain't a sister sister...but I can relate to a good piece of that. Life sure does have a comical way of keeping us humble. That's funny stuff right there...I'll tell ya whut...

    About the daughter thing...the trick to having a good kid is...keep 'em laughing...with you...not at you...they'll still do that behind your back...but once it is to your know you're in trouble! :)

    They grow up way to danged fast and there isn't a bit one can do about enjoy the ride kiddo...and hang on...cause it gets a bit bumpy around 15 ;)


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