Friday, January 23, 2009

First T-Ball Experience

We have been wanting to get Em involved in some kind of organized activity for the longest time. This year Em showed some interest in playing T-Ball this year. So I took her down to her elementary school for sign ups. She received as a gift this year for Christmas a T-Ball set so we could help her get into the groove before her practices started in February. We had a great weekend of weather so I decided to take the "team" out for some introductory practice and expose her and her siblings to hitting a ball off the top of a stick.

We had a ball! Pun absolutely intended. I was impressed by the agility of the kids. This is going to be great fun for the whole family. The next step is to introduce her to catching a ball with a glove. Here are a few shots of the kids striking their baseball card poses. Enjoy.

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