Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vegas - The Rising

Woke up, got out of bed, and dragged a comb across my head. I ran downstairs and drank a cup, I looked up and noticed I was late.

Late was in fact 4:00 am. Our flight left promptly at 6:50 am and I made the mistake of hitting the snooze alarm. After a rush, a few mini fights, no breakfast, lots of rain, we finally made it out of the house to pull into the parking garage about 50 minutes before the plane left. What made me check in online the night before was nothing short of a miracle, the sky cap gave us the eye, and promptly put a BRIGHT yellow tag that identified us as LATE. Yeah smart ass sky cap, we were a little bit late, still made the plane though.

We made to Vegas, a place I never had been and was curious to see. Bri and I are not gamblers and not fond of the big glitz. So you ask, why the hell did you go to Vegas? Well it was a combination of 6th wedding anniverssary and roped into a package to spend 4 days and 3 nights in a hotel as long as we attended the recruitment seminar to be a part of the "family".

After we got the car we took off for the Hoover Dam, super cool place. We took a detour, well the signs said take the detour but we realized quickly that we were headed for deep desert. No good. I told the husband we might find a hole with his name on it. He didn't think I was very funny.

It just kept getting prettier and prettier the farther we went. The forecast said rain, but we never saw a drop the whole time we were there.

This is part of a project at the dam to build an alternate route. When we finally got there the men were cleaning up and heading home. This is engineering terror for me. The thought of having people's lives in my hands, one little mathematical error and the whole house of cards would come down. Too much pressure for me, anyway my skills were not suited for that profession.

This sculpture was really beautiful and detailed. His tools in the back pocket had initials engraved in the handles. To think men would strap themselves to the cliff wall and build a dam in the rock face. Brave, meticulous, and psychotic.

This sculpture gave me the feeling of Egypt. Majestic, and eery all in the same moment.

We were going to try for a helicopter ride but too many people had the same idea. Bri and I did realize at the time we had walked across the state line into Arizona. I guess we were enamored by the scenery. More to come....

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