Friday, January 9, 2009

One foot hold up in the climb out of the Mariana Trench, 3rd planet from the Sun, part 2

Christmas Day was filled with lots of excitement. The family was coming over, Santa had come to the house, but I had a secret inside scoop that Santa was bringing a special boy present. The Big Easy received a turn out suit so he looked like a mini firefighter. E's uncle is a Captain in our local fire station, and the boy LOVES the trucks. This is not to diminish the fact the girls LOVE the trucks as well, a visit to the firehouse is really a special treat. The kids feel like the prince and princesses of the firehouse and the guys make every effort to be accommodating to all of the questions and squealing. So on Christmas Day I took all three of the kids to their Uncle's fire house as well as a friend of the family firehouse. Two, count them two firehouses in one day, the kids almost had their brains explode with excitement. And well, mama had a bit of fun too. The pictures I think tell the story for themselves.

Bitsy chillin' with her Uncle.

Serious discussion with Uncle in regard to when he can stay at the firehouse.

"It's hero time!" The Big Easy explains the finer points to changing into an alien form to save the universe. He suggests maybe the firehouse adopts the same policy.

The Uncle pointing out the history of firefighting and the "Coolness" of it all.

Bitsy offering her uncle a bit of lip refreshment with her blue glitter Cinderella chapstick. The boy still mesmorized by the history of firefighting.

This is firefighter Bitsy loading up and ready for action. This is when I took them to the second firehouse of the day.

Unfortunately there is a height requirement of all firefighters, they need to be able to see over the bottom of the window. I tried to see if there was a loophole but it seems there is no negotiation on the point.

Although I think the Boy was ready for duty.

So were my girls, tough little ones, I feel sorry for the boys that try to date them.

The kids got to ride, yes I said ride, in the fire truck without me. If only you could have been there to see the smiles.

When they finally came back they took some pictures with the Captain.

The Boy looks so handsome in his jacket and hat. He was not comfortable in the bibs but I think now that he sees the "big" firefighters wear them he will too.

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