Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Look out the OPAM woman has turned into TPAM woman

Ok, so for those of my close friends, who know me, know me very well, I get ideas, lots of ideas but I do not seem to bring all of these ideas to completion. Well ladies, I am proud to announce and have picture proof of these completed ideas!

My house, is absolutely cool, however when you walk in you barely see a family living in it other than the mountainous amounts of stray toys, clothes, shoes the kids leave everywhere. I do mean everywhere, this one time at band camp, I climbed into my bed and found a little kid sock hiding in the sheets. How it got there is a mystery but none the less the sock had made refuge amidst the sheets. I question the husband, but he never has any legitimate answers, a lot of dodging and weaving on his part. Go figure.

So what was I blabbing on about? Oh yes, projects. The point is the house is empty of pictures, decor, just about anything the little touches do to make a home. So I was empowered in the last few weeks with some, funny I did not think of it before, TIME. Who would have thunk time would be an aid?

I finally put some stuff up on the wall in the kids' rooms, organized the kid's bathroom, and cleaned up my bedroom and closet. A handful of completed activities that have made me smile. So without any further distractions, here are some pictures.

Itsy posing with Tinker Belle

The Big Easy was unavailable for photo op. He regularly avoids any publicity with one comment, "No Cheese Mama!" The boy is creature of habit so change is not his favourite activity, minutes after he was tucked into bed he calmly said, "Ok Mom, take down the stickers off the wall". I said boy the stickers are there to decorate your room, he say "Oh, ok, to decorate my room. Please take them off the wall." After a few moments of negotiation, the wall decor remained where it was placed.

Dinos and princesses, couldn't ask for a better combination.

I have been forever wanting to put something in the kid's bathroom to harness the ever moving bathing products for the dirty little monsters. Finally I was surprised to find this little jewel to make my bath times a bit easier.

Em is a big Kindergarten student and apparently they believe in copious amounts of homework. This little beauty is perfect for her room and quiet time for me to spend time with her. I have plans to stencil the kids' names on the back of their chairs and on their walls. I plan to have a similar pattern for the boy but with trains and cars instead of butterflies and dragonflies. I also bought a lamp for each of the kids and their tables so they can see the beautiful art and homework they create.

More to come!

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