Friday, January 9, 2009

I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, 3rd planet from the Sun, Part 1

As you can ascertain from the title I have been remiss in regard to posting. For that, I do apologize, my dear readers the holiday season is a bustle of activity in which staying home with three small children and trying to organize for pending FEAST, as my 5 year old puts it, IS ALMOST DAMN IMPOSSIBLE!

Run on sentence you say, I say today is the first day I have had to breathe and think. Ok, now I do get the luxury of my organization shutting down for two weeks during the holidays, to which I think "Wow! I will have plenty of time to get the house cleaned up, spend some quality time with the kids, shop for the food, wrap presents, decorate, and some time to relax!" I am nothing but a fool, having the children home with me during the break was great once you get passed the CONSTANT, CONSTANT, bickering, squabbling, grousing, the overall malay of siblings stuck in a house and not getting many chances to go outside to play because it is colder than a Witch's you know what.

Let us start with Christmas, after all the hustle to get things going the eve and day turned out great. My brother and mom stayed with us on Christmas Eve, we all snuggled in with a good meal, movies, and very excited children. The kids got to open up one gift that night from Mom and Unca Nick. They each got a great little remote control car called the Tonka Bounce Back Racer. These things are the coolest little kid toy EVER! The trick is when they hit a surface they flip over and it is a different color car and keeps going, no more getting stuck in the corner, just backs up. I can't wait to get these things outside and see them opened up on full power.

Anyway, the point is the family came for the feast, we enjoyed each others company, and had hearty laughs in the process. One of the highlights of the evening was the kids singing "When Christmas comes to Town" from the movie the Polar Express. Just completely melted my heart. In that moment, I fell in love with them all over again. Please enjoy a few pictures.

Our lovely tree.

The Boy is in love with trains, Santa really knew what he was doing.

Itsy Bitsy promptly squirreled her gifts into her room, she wanted the pleasure of opening the toys on her own without the grabby hands of siblings. She is a hoot.

The paper was flying around our house.

This is Hobbs, short for Hobgoblin, my niece. This little kitty was the belle of the ball, thank you little brother for bringing your daughter with you. Don't you just love the green eyes?

The cousin, too cool for school.

My Uncle and my Grandma.

My Uncle giving his grandniece a hard time.

The cuteness of this boy is mesmerizing to me.

Grandma getting schooled on remote control units. She can dismantle and put back together in 3.3 seconds. I think that is a record somewhere in the world.

Zib Zab got a Ariel toy cell phone with sparkly, plastic shell handled carrying case. Let me just tell you I have seen my future in 10 years with this girl and phones. HELP ME!

The Unca Nick ready to rumble with the boy!

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