Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter Cometh

November 2008, I have a date. I only make mention of it because of my earlier posts to this blog which you can find here. The madness is growing, the fever pitch of which I re-read my books to freshen my memory of the storyline. I know the husband is plotting, plotting to remove all reminants of Harry from the home. He's offered me other books, yeah, I tried them, but in the dark of the night, when the kids are in bed, the husband is snoring on the couch, I pull them out. Don't make me say it, you know what I am talking about.

The rigid support the cover, the thickness of the page, the distinct gold lettering on the cover. I have had many before but nothing like this. Sure take your Michael Moorecock, Douglas Adams, Philip Dick, Bukowski, Robbins, all great, I have stayed up many a night pouring over the words. All those relationships ended abruptly. They never call, not even once. He has been in my life as long as my husband. Patient, caring, needy, just what I am looking for in a relationship. How can I give him up. You want to hear me say it? Ok, I will, in a second, any minute now, you double dog daring me?! Fine, fine, have it your way, I AM A HARRY POTTER FAN AND I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD MA!

Quick peek at the "other" man in my life. Enjoy.

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  1. You crack me up! I still haven't read the book that came out in fall of 2005! I have it though.



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