Thursday, August 7, 2008

Props where they are due

I was eighteen years old when this film hit the big screen. If you remember this movie I would believe most people would agree a kid pulling off a lead role in this caliber of film is impressive if not note worthy. I certainly wondered what would be next, just after I got back from the Dead concert and watched the narcs stroll around in Gap chinos, Tye-dyed shirts and penny loafers. Always a good look. I certainly had a hard time picking them out of the crowd, no really, really I did. Aqua Velva blends right in with pachouli, really you can't tell the difference. So clean, so aromatic, just thinking about it brings fond memories. Oh I think I forgot what I was talking about.

Oh ok, now I remember, how could I forget this...........absolutely yummy, curls my toes. VERY easy on the eye. This is the result of lots of vegetables, milk, and protein. Included with creams, potions, and endless hours of leisure between jobs. I guess it could not have hurt to have a few babes in between there. What?! We are all adults here! Come on, like you weren't thinking it too. ::drool:: What the hell is my point here?! (stream of conscious, with eyes looking up at the ceiling) Hot guy, hot guy, nice skin, movies, smells nice, oooh look at the nape of his neck, I bet he smells nice, hot guy, nice legs, hot guy, is that his arm, hot guy, hot guy, yikes is that really a muscle, movies, movies, I GOT IT!

The point of all of this is I saw The Dark Knight with the hubby last night. I confess I was not enthusiastic and frankly would have chose Wall - E over this movie but the hubby REALLY wanted to go. So I hopped in the truck, well not really hopped, but you get the point, and off we went into that good night on a quest for redemption from the evils of Delta City. No fighting occurred for those who are keeping track, and once we said hello to the projection guy and found our seats we were ready for adventure. I give this movie ten thumbs up. It is everything the media has reported. It was so good that for the last 45 minutes of the movie I had to pee and I never left my seat because I did not want to miss one moment, one frame of celluloid. I am impressed and excited for more people to experience The Dark Knight. This is no ordinary batman.

Now, for all the hoopla on Heath's Joker, one might say in secret, how good could this kid be? Let me tell you, there are some people in this world who have that quintessential something and a craft beyond all others, to quote the joker, "ahead of the curve". Heath was ahead of the curve. What ever this guy brought to the table, he was a master in my mind. I have been thinking about this since last night and I still cannot find the adequate words and kudos for his performance. Truly this role was only grazing the pinnacle of his talent and to our chagrin will be the last of a complete performance we as the public will be able to enjoy. I am an avid movie goer and appreciate the subtly of genius of an actor in a craft that viciously exposes the precious and vulnerable portions of a person's personality flaws. If you have not seen this movie, you should just for the pure motive of entertainment, it is every bit of the price of a ticket and popcorn.


  1. Now, how fair is it to plagiarize your husband, without given props?

    “Whatever this guy brought to the table…”
    My good, gracious women…how can you not see that I am simply fulfilling the needs of our dear, dear, ….Dear Gotham City.

    I've built the house, the table and chairs… set out the dishes and flatware. Then sent out the invitations. I’ve prepared a meal of sickening sweet immorality and contemptuous virtue to be served for all of Gotham City to enjoy…
    I am graciously appeased into violently shoving it down the throats of those who refuse to take a nibble. While I burn the house to the ground with all guests in it. HA-ha-he-he…aaaaa.

    I am a mind of a man who knows his efforts on a system even with such a small number of variables can be realized. A system exhibiting sensitive dependence and just the slightest of changes in the initial conditions and VOILA! … We have chaos!
    “Houston we have a problem!” HA-HA-he-he-he-ho-ho….aaaaa

    Now That’s fair.

  2. Ah Joker? Get over yourself. I give credit when it is due, especially when I borrow a phrase or two. However, these words I have used are arranged solely by me unless other wise noted in quotations.


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