Thursday, November 6, 2008

Uh OH! Dental Faeries Working Overtime!

My kid is working overtime on losing teeth! She just lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago and this past Sunday right as she was going to bed, VOILA! Tooth number two is sitting in the palm of her hand. I say the dental faeries are working overtime and sending me the bill.

I was trying to negotiate with the dental faeries to mix it up a bit with little trinkets, toys, crayons or something besides cold, hard cash, but they ran a coup on me before I could stock up.

For me, I just love surprises, and the look on her face when she is trying to figure out how the tooth got out of the plastic bag and the money gets in. Yeah, neither parent is a big fan of just letting the tooth loose under the pillow, we like the restraint method.

Picture an adult hunched over in the dark, sneaking a hand under the sleeping child negotiating the ultra zip lock feature of the bag you so lovingly praised earlier in the day for not exploding all over the kitchen floor but now in the dark, twenty minutes to midnight, the ultra zip lock feature is not looking so great. After two dives to the floor, a couple of freeze tag positions, and a small prayer she just did not see you, finally, finally the cash is in. Man this is tough, I felt like I needed to learn some Yoga positions to get this done. My calves hurt along with the tukas. Oh but look at this face, that is what makes it worthwhile!


  1. Put the cash in another bag and just swap out the bags. No getting the tooth in the dark.


  2. See Dianah, that would be the logical move, however, you are speaking sense and somehow I am not recognizing the language! LOL

    Thank you for illuminating some normalcy in life! ROFLMA


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