Monday, November 17, 2008

This Boy's Smile

Makes me completely melt. He is just a happy little guy, and within the last few months has completely went all boy on me. Really, one day, the switch came on literally. I remember I was in the living room and he came speeding by sword in hand looking to slay some dragons. Then it morphed into "boom thing" which took me a moment to figure out what he was talking about. Is this innate? I am sure some of it is learned but man, it is like someone said "Now, you will be boy! Rough it up, jump off of it, tackle it, wrestle it" (Miss Em has been the recipient of a few take downs), it is just non-stop. Even when he is getting ready for bed, still moving up until the moment he completely succumbs to the tired.

So on the boy's birthday his uncle came to the house on his motorcycle. After a million questions he finally landed the right one, he wanted to sit on the bike. His uncle more than pleased took the boy and his sister out for their first lesson on bike safety. No, he did not take for a ride, just sitting on the bike was enough for the boy's imagination. Sword in hand and his Abbazabba driving there was nothing to stop these two from asking me in 12 years for a motorcycle. To which I have no answer. I guess I better start working on my answer. For now, here is the boy is all the happiness any little boy could dream of.

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