Friday, November 14, 2008


I can't express just how excited I am. We had our first parent/teacher conference for the Divine Miss Em yesterday. To say the least I was nervous, not that Em wasn't doing well but more worried her parents, me and the husband, were not doing enough to help her have a good kindergarten experience. The first stroke of good fortune was moving into our neighborhood, the second stroke of good fortune was her kindergarten teacher. This woman rocks, and if I had her permission to leak her name I would.

As parents, you all know you draw from the personal experiences as to what elementary school is going to be like for your kid. I had my fair share of awesome teachers and some pretty bad ones as well. My hope for Em was to have some kind of transition from her "Norm from Cheers" knowing everyone, to knowing no one, as smooth as possible. The girl has it going on! Her teacher says that not only are we doing a great job, this kid is a good person. Wow, the things I have been working for are starting to come to fruition. I have a kid who is a good person at five years old. I am thinking she and I are on the right path. But that is not all.

Part of their evaluation through out the year looks at their ability to construct thoughts and put into sentences. Out of all the current kindergarten classes, which is like 150 kids, Em is one of four kids that scored highest in this area. What this means is, Em is able to put together complex pronoun sentences and compound sentences on her own without assistance. For example she will when asked tell the instructor "I like going to the park to play with my friends". This is big stuff for five year old. But beyond that, for which I am very proud of my girl for being her, this little girl read to me her first book on her own.

The kids put together little 10 page books made up of the words they are learning and some words they can sound out, Em has been working so hard on these words and it paid off. The look on her face with the turn of each page, man I would not trade it for the world. I think she was ten feet tall when she finished. I was so excited Em and I ran into the bathroom where the husband was giving the little kids a bath, I said "Em can read, Em can read, listen everyone!"

Em read her book again and the little kids, went crazy for her. High fives all around, the little kids asked her to read books to them, such an awesome experience. Tooth faeries and reading books, I can't wait for what is next!

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