Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy HALLOWEEN and HAPPY Birthdays

Three years ago, I walked into my OB/GYN and said I think I am pregnant. I had the home test to prove it. He says come back on this day and we will get a ultra sound to check how far and a heartbeat. I say great, bring it! I had been through this before, no sweat, and for the husband, babe, don't come to the first appointment, all it is going to be is the set up, ultra sound and find out how many pounds I am not supposed to gain. Later on I will need you to come but no worries, I know what is coming.

Appointment day arrives, I bid my co-workers a goodbye and say see you in an hour, just going to get a check up. A round of good lucks, and just as I am walking out the door I hear, "you know you may have twins". I say "yeah right, in your dreams" well, no one told me that a prophet was housed in my office. The seer of seers. I confidently walk into the office, strip, hoist myself up and into the ever loving stirrups, girls you know what I mean. Ready. Waiting. Letting the wahoo hang out there for the world to see. Looking at the great mobile on the ceiling thinking this is going to be nice for Em, she will have someone to be close to, not be the only kid, perfect, a family of four. I think I am ready. Doc says hey you look good, the test is confirmed now walk over and have this highly trained professional wand the wahoo and get some pictures of the little money maker. GREAT! LET'S GO!

I dress, strip again and wait. Hi, how are you? Oh I see Doc wants these pictures, how long since the last, how you feeling, ok this is going to be a bit cold, hold still, click buttons, punch pictures, ok Ms Whimsy, here is the heart beat, good and strong and here is the heartbeat of the second baby, excellent.

What? You must be mistaken, what did you say? Two, no, no, no, no, no, you must be pulling my chain. Two?! There can't be two, you mean one, just one, right? "Ms. Whimsy, I NEVER pull any one's chain, now you either be still or I will have to use the wand". There it was, in picture, two, count them, two little spaces with two little peanuts housed in their own room. There was not a peep out of me except the rush and the tears rolling out of the corner of my eyes. Two. Two. Two. I am having two babies.

Now, my babies are three years old. It seems like yesterday, I held these little precious loves in my arms. Three, I can't imagine my life without them. Em, I know now you will always have someone, I love you so much and this is as much your birthday as theirs.

Now lets rewind a bit, try 27 years ago, I am 12 going on 13, I have been demoted from only child to middle child in less than a year, my cousin came to live with us and frankly I was a total BEASTLY BRAT to my cousin, I am not proud but very sorry for that cousin. It's three o'clock in the morning and I have been awaken by my grandma to say, you have a little brother!

Can we trade him for a girl? I wanted a girl, I told mom I wanted a girl, why is it a boy? Pissed to say the least I had a brother, what the hell am I going to do with a brother?

No worry folks, he grew on me, threw up on me, drew with permanent marker on all my bedroom furniture, telephone, books, umbrella, whatever didn't move. I am totally in love with my little funk soul brother.

He is amazing and he has crossed over the quarter of a century mark. He celebrated his 27th birthday with the kids and I could not have ask for a better uncle to my children. I love his so much for that. Ladies, huh? Good Looking, single, good with kids. Let me know.

Part of the festivities was a trip to the zoo for the annual tradition of the Howl-o-ween event. The kids get to dress up and learn about animals. Perfect for the kids they had a ball, here are some snap shots. Tonight I will take more pictures, this will be their first year to trick or treat around the neighborhood. Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Ahhhhh - that's what I needed :) Thank you!! Your little wahoo did great :) ROFLMAO

  2. Thanks for the wahoo support! You gotta give props were props are due.

    BTW, your little wahoo did great too!


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