Monday, October 13, 2008

Day trip to H*E*Double Hockey Sticks - Part 2

We travelled, miles, minutes, seconds. Across the dry brush land, hoping for a sign. The sign of obedience, the sign of others, the poor unsuspecting families caught in the valley triangle of Cal Trans maintenance schedules. Will we ever find our way out?

Eye spy with my little eye.................Nothing

Whahhh, oh wait........... Nothing.

After several failed attempts of Eye Spy with three year olds, folks, this game only partially works for kids this young, because you get stuff like, "I spy with my little eye, something that is big, green and is a tree. ok guess mommy". Uhhhhhhh. A tree? :o) Oh Sweet Jesus, there it is, we are 10 minutes away!

The crowd is pleased. The gallery squeals!

Finally we have landed! The Spookamotive is waiting for us to board! Look, Look kids! Look at the decorations, oooohhhhh how sppooooky! Are you all ready to get aboard?

Yes Mama!

Does this pose work for you? Yes, ma'am I am ready!

What?! Get on? The train? That train? You have got to be kidding me!

This is where you want me to go? Are you serious? Have you lost your ever loving mind? When is the last time you had your eyes checked? "Why in August Itsy Bitsy. Why do you ask?" She says, have taken a look on the ceiling? You do know you can permanently scar me emotionally, oh there are other kids on the train.

After many minutes of convincing, and several "trust me's" we boarded. Finally, after hours of travelling a distance that only should have been maximum of 40 minutes. The Big Easy was happy. Transfixed by the scenery, the movement, the promise of treats from the wonderful "skeleton crew".

Sisters, what sisters? Is there anybody else on the train?

No better friends than sisters.

More evidence for Itsy for her emotional scar suit.

Pure bliss of a boy and his "train"

and his "loco"motive engineer

The kids were treated with wonderful balloon swords and belts. Perfect for what was to happen next. Poor dad, he never saw it coming. This might be a preview of what is to happen when they are teenagers. Lawrd help us!

Say the ole man, he still has some moves. Kinda sexy, whoa, did I say that out loud?

After many hours of fun, ice cream, horse carriage ride, hot links, and hi jinks we finally made the smooth ride home. Look, all clear and just in time for family dinner and movie night. Oh, we did let grandma ride IN the car on the way back even though she got kind of squirrely earlier. We gave her a stern warning and told her to start acting her grandma age. Geesh, a woman her age should not be getting her lip pierced.

Tune in for our next adventure of the former "so sad, too bad family" to the "wholly cow it's two day til Christmas family and we have NOT even begun to shop for gifts family".

Here is a teaser.........................

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