Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where are the dinosaurs?

Brian and I took the kids to see Disney's Princess Wishes on Saturday. We started taking Emma when she was about two and she absolutely loved it! So why not the little kids? Apart from going to the playground often or the zoo, the snow, we try to do something as a family. I know the kids get a kick out of it but Brian and I really get a kick watching the kids completely enthralled.

Earlier this year we took the kids to see "Walking with Dinosaurs" and wow what a ride! If you did not get to see the show this time around definitely take the time to find the next show because it was FABULOUS! The tres tots were captivated, so much so Emma told my husband "See, I told you dinosaurs were real!"

Anyway, we packed Grandma and kids up and headed to the show. We get into our seats, many oohhs and ahhhs at the set, the lights go out, music comes on, here comes Tinkerbell waving her fairy dust all over the place, I turn to look at Ethan and say "What do you think son?" Ethan looks up at me with those liquid blue eyes, which by the way make me melt, the boy has me on a short string, and says in his little boy voice "Where are the dinosaurs?" I say "Son, there aren't any dinosaurs in this show, but we may see some dragons or Mickey Mouse." He says "But where are the dinosaurs?"

Have we reached the point in his boyhood that we need to find rougher entertainment? He makes me laugh, he sat in his seat looking like Rodin's The Thinker contemplating the validity of the performance with his bottom lip pouting. He is not unhappy, on the contrary he is captivated with the skating, the jumping, and I saw him smiling when Ariel and Prince Eric were spinning around the rink. The dragon spitting fire sold him that it was worth his time.

Brian went to go and get some snacks at the break and he chose oh so wisely to bring shaved ice with a heaping helping of pure sugar. Yup, three small kids and a truck load of sugar during their normal nap time. Abbie was sitting on my lap ravenously going through her cup o' sugar when I looked into her dirty little face. She for a brief moment she shifted her gaze to me and looked at me out of the corner of her eye. I am sure it was an optical illusion but I swore as soon as the sugar hit her body the pupil of her eye shrunk to the size of a pinhole. I felt like the Wiley E. Coyote waiting for the boulder to come crashing down on me. It was just a matter of time.

But I am here to say, I made it out from under the boulder so you can call me the roadrunner, BEEP BEEP!

All in all, I had fun with the kids, will always want to do it again. The next hurdle is traveling on a plane with the girls to New York in April. The dudes will stay home and do dude things over the weekend, building castles with blocks, stomping in puddles, wrestling and of course putting dinosaur pjs on for bed time. I will miss watching that all go down. :o)

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