Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back down memory lane

I was rummaging through some pictures to arrange them on my new toy, a portable hard drive. I happened to come across some of Ethan and Abbie when they were baby babies. What does baby babies mean? I have no idea what the distinction between baby babies is and babies. I guess what I mean is the kids are still my babies no matter what it is just they are a little taller, drool less, and trying to pee in the toilet instead of their pants.

Anyway, it is funny to me the facial expressions because the kids still posses the looks they had at six months. I just had an experience with these little folks yesterday. I was dropping the kids off at school, sometimes Abbie has a hard time letting me leave and this particular morning she was very upset. The teachers ususally come to distract her while Emma and I make our exit but this morning Ethan was not happy with the level of comfort the teacher was giving to Abbie. In a bold voice he states "Abbie is my sister. My sister." and proceeds to grab her hand and take her to another part of the classroom to comfort her his way. Amazing to me to watch those two hand in hand tending to eachothers needs. Wow, the bond is deep with these two.

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