Friday, February 8, 2008

After all that.....

So I am driving the tres tots to school this weary, foggy, Friday morning barely awake and wondering why I don't have the choice of just staying in bed. That can be summed up in one bleary word.....WORK.

But I digress, the tres tots and I are listening to the radio, a much needed break from sesme sweet, and the hosts are taking calls from children asking them who they would vote for if in fact they were old enough to vote. Cute break in radio, the tres tots enjoy hearing other kids speaking and me, I just love this radio show. The short of it is the hosts make me laugh and while the content is not always tres tot friendly, I have mastered the volume button to minimize the contact with the non tres tot ears. Anyway, they have one little girl come on the radio and make her choice of who she would vote for and the hosts asked why she would not choose the other. The child stated she would not choose the other candidate because the church the candidate attends is all one ethinicity and does not allow other ethnicities to attend. Whether that statement is true or not, it was more of the parroting of the child views of, well I am not going to sugar coat, early buds of racism. I make a big noise in the front seat of "HOLY COW!" I am thinking, wow this thinking is coming out of the mouth of a 7 year old and it makes me shiver. A judgement coming from a child.

The divine miss E pipes up from the back seat and asks "Momma why did you make that noise?" I say just wait a moment Em and I will tell you. Basically it is my stratigic arm block to a subject I am not ready to explain. After a few moments I grab the pant loops and yank and then launch into this little speech with a loud voice so she can hear me in the back of the van. It goes something like this.

Em, I would like you to know when you choose friends, you should consider their actions and their hearts. Friends should be people who are faithful, kind, loving and care about you and your feelings. The color of their skin, choice of religion, whether they are a girl or a boy, the color of their hair or eyes, should not stop you from being their friend. Em, the other stuff does not difinitively define who that person is. (Yes, I did use the word difinitively, sometimes I forget I am speaking to a 4 year old, it can only build her vocabulary right?) Look for friends who who have good hearts.

Ok, so I gave my love the rainbow of society, idealist speech, feeling pretty good that I got the chance to ask Em to open her heart and look for the good in people, goodness knows I have been crusted over for many years, and after a few moments Em says, "What did you say Momma, I could not hear what you said".

After all that! I will try again another day.

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  1. I was more than shocked watching a recent movie. The name now escapes me.. ill come back to that. But in the flick, at the end.. it shook me to the core that what we teach our young, is no less passionate, nor started any earlier than young Muslin extremists. Hate, by any definition, is still hate, and can , and IS bred right into us/them
    really chilling. Dang it i cant remeber! Ill come back when i have it... tip of my tongue! dang menopause anyway..........


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