Thursday, October 4, 2007

Interviews SUCK!

There are many things that are worse than this, but today, today this may be the most nerve racking, mind screw ever. Everyone knows that interviews are tough, attempting to make a first impression a positive memorable experience, fixing the hair you never fix, makeup I never wear, and business clothes which are uncomfortable because they feel stifling; trying to answer questions you know what to do but describing it is something else. If the panel was people you have never met, even better because they are unfamiliar with your processes and if you make a little goof, no worries. When the panel is people you know and one of them is your supervisor, a totally different tragic tale. Listen folks, I have made mistakes, I have tried to redeem myself, but I feel it fell on deaf ears and blind eyes. I am not feeling very confident.

The last four months I have been working my rump off, figuratively, only wishing literally. I got a spare tire for lease too. I think I have earned it, but we all know earning is not always the way the game is played. So for now, I am in limbo hoping to make good. Think good thoughts for me.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

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