Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy 2nd Boo-day Abbie and Ethan

I think about things in my life and there are three jewels that make me smile every time, all the time, Emma, Abbie & Ethan.

I never get tired of hearing my name in fact I crave those little voices in my ears. At certain moments I wonder how the heck I got through all the feedings, diaper changes, those points in the middle of the night I am checking the breath coming from their noses. I always seem to check in between breathes so the little panic creeps up my spine to have the tidal wave of assurance when I have bugged them enough to make them move in their sleep. They have no idea how many times I creep into their room to just look, maybe move to the bedside and straighten a cover or just to touch their precious little hands. On a side note, Ethan snores.

So two years has passed and my littlest ones will be having a birthday in 4 days. The last three weeks has been filled with "Happy Birthday" songs, traditional and made up ones, for all the car rides to and from school, in the bath tub, a lot of "Grandma birthday, Nick birthday, Abbie birthday, Ethan birthday" to which I reply "Yes it is everyone's birthday, how old are you?"

This in itself makes me chuckle because a dear friend experienced the same conversations with her daughter and used similar hand demonstrations to show how many two really is. Yes, my kids think I am playing bunny rabbits with them. They collectively shake their heads and say "yeah" and move on to other things. In the end, I am just happy they can sing the "boo-day" song and silently pray they will let me put them into costumes on Saturday.

Happy Boo-day Abbie!
Happy Boo-day Ethan!

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