Friday, October 26, 2007

Boo-Day Countdown

It is here, the eve of the 2nd boo-day festivities. I am checking the list, checking it twice, nothing to report if they had been naughty or nice. Well they have been mostly nice and I think I am in a different holiday.

I am excited. I love the family events, I am excited that my brother is coming down, I am excited that all my friends children will be coming over to play, I am excited about decorating the house, no so much cleaning it but decorating is great, I am excited about the food.

My babies are turning two and I remember when they were little blips on the screen, two satellites in the dark space of my body, the miracle of having their own rooms to grow. The joy, the fear, the anticipation of holding them in my arms, all those feelings are still swimming in my head and heart.

Tonight my dear husband and I are picking up the last pieces to the celebration puzzle. Bri, did I tell you thank you so much for my three babies? Thank you for my babies. It is the mad dash for the final touches to the party.

Pumpkins check
cake check
raviolis check
balloons check
costumes check

Now tomorrow will be whole different story, I will have pictures.

1 comment:

  1. great time - CHECK!

    Thank you Kymn for hosting a wonderful event! I had a blast, as did Kim, Harmony and Sarah! Now if we just remembered to bring Ethan and Abby's presents!! LOL!! I will work on that! I can probably manage to get them to a Starbucks... hehhee!

    Thank you! GREAT TIME!


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